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Ziarat -the valley of beauty

Ziarat -the valley of beauty

Ziarat is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Pakistan. Its greenery, natural landscapes, the highest peaks of khilafat hills and the historic places like Quaid-e-Azam (R.A) residency makes it worth seeing. Ziarat is situated 2400 meters away from Quetta. It’s the capital of district Zhob. Ziarat is one of those districts who have highest human development index.

It shows how much people of Ziarat are established and well off. Ziarat is one of the greenest lands of the world since it’s famous for its highest Juniper trees and tasteful orchards of cherries and apples. People of Ziarat belong to rural style of living and that’s the only reason behind their good health and Zia rat’s pollution free air. If you are a person striving for good environment, a healthy environment to relax your mind and body then destination Ziarat is for you. The refreshing greenery, the flowing streams and the water falls can take your heart away and make you feel in heaven. Ziarat is surrounded by big hills. These hills are ideal for tourists both local and international ones. The big hills of Ziarat are considered to be the best camping spot. The law and order situation in Ziarat is much better so tourists feel free to explore Ziarat and its beauty. Ziarat is considered to be cold area. In winters it can defeat Moscow’s cold but in summer its weather becomes moderate and pleasant. Ziarat snow fall is famous all over Pakistan. So, in December and January People from sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhuwa and Quetta come to enjoy that rare scenes of snowfall in Ziarat. This is the season where Ziarat hotels and restaurants earn most due to many guests visiting their cute and sizzling place.

The hotels and Dabhas in Ziarat serve you all desi cuisine. Balochistani food like sajji and stuffed mutton with rice inside are their specialty. The Ziarat handi crafts, shawls and other home decoration pieces are all hand made by Ziarat women. If you are visiting Ziarat then surely have the opportunity being in Ziarat’s hotels and markets. We bet your tourism zeal will be satisfied. Another specialty of Ziarat is Ziarat residency, yes you are right, it’s the place where father of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA) spent his last days in quest of health. The residency of father of the nation is maintained very well that you can experience the past even now. Quaid’s bed room, the dining room, the sehan, all the old furniture are placed in a way that it feels like Baba e Qoum is still living somewhere in residency. It’s a place worth to be seen to live the past once again.

Do you believe in Mazar’s (shrines) and their impact on your life? If so then Ziarat can also impress you in this regard. It have Baba Kharwari’s shrine. Many people visit the shrines. Ask manats and offer chadars. It’s heard that some well informed Muslim Pir is buried there who listens to your prayers and answers it.

Ziarat is a unique blend of beauty, romance, mysteries and history. If you have the typical daring enjoyable zeal of tourism then here you go to destination Ziarat!


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