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Zhob River

Zhob River

Baluchistan is blessed with eye-catching tourist attractions. Zhob district of Baluchistan posses the excellence of natural fascination that leads one to the most exotic joys. The magical mountains and mystical secrets hidden in Zhob district are the best things to reveal. The district plays a big part in tourism industry and the most attractive spot is the Zhob River. The name Zhob is originated from an Iranic word which means oozing water. Zhob River is formed by the fast flowing water from Suleiman Mountains. As a consequence, the river also flows at a great speed and passes through Baluchistan. The ending point of Zhob river, where it gets drained is Gomal River at Khajuri Kachadd.

Zhob River is about 410 kilometers in length and starts from a waterfall of Pahseen Valley known as ‘Tasrhi Mehter Zai’. Migrant birds from Siberia and Russia hold the attention of people there. This huge migration is usually done until March. In Monsoon season, rains feed this river. Zhob side is the only district of Baluchistan which is situated in monsoon region. Seasonal changes do not affect the beauty of this river but it changes its visual state in every season. This means that it does not require a particular time to visit this river. You can go there any time to have a good time.

Different kinds of fish are present in fresh water of Zhob River which helps the people to earn their living. Zhob River is a magnificent piece of nature and plays a big part in entertaining tourists. It spell bounds the people around with pure essence of seascape. Atmosphere of this river is calm and appeasing. River Zhob’s bank serves as a picnic spot and local people visit the place frequently which gratifies them and make give them a feeling of satisfaction.

The area around Zhob River’s plain is occupied by inhabitants who are mostly engaged in fishing. On Zhob’s plain, a castle is present which was built when British were ruling the country. The area of Zhob becomes extremely hot at summertime but the atmosphere of this river always remains relaxing.

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