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Wood Carving

Wood Carving

If one thinks about buying some pieces of wood carving, then the city of Chiniot for beautiful wooden art pieces comes to his mind first. Chiniot is world famous for wood carving and has a unique importance not only in Pakistan, but in all over the world. The city produces the best quality wood carved pieces. This carving done on furniture is exported to other cities as well as other countries and the phrase “made in Chiniot” gives a delight to other people because it reflects the quality of design as well as the whole furniture piece.

The crafters of Chiniot are so talented and good that they produce such pieces which make one proud of his traditional culture. Every crafter is talented and knows all the techniques and skills of wood carving. It is said that these skills are inherited from their ancestors. Crafters from Chiniot have reached that level of creativity which others can only dream about. Wood crafting is done on every wooden piece in this city no matter of what type it is. Usually table legs, beds, and treasure chests are made beautiful with this extraordinary type of carving done with best techniques and great creativity.

The wood carving done on wooden furniture is that famous in the world that this art needs no local platforms to reach the creativity levels internationally. Only “made in Chiniot” is enough to make others believe that this one is the best. This carving done on furniture is a good source for earning foreign exchange only if some attention from our government is paid to this extraordinary artwork. It is true that these art pieces are exported to other foreign countries, but it is also true that they are shipped in a limited quantity.

Foreign people appreciate this artwork more than Pakistani people so this wood carving can play a significant role if the government promotes it more. This can be done by hiring craftsmen at proper wages so that they can create more and more beautiful pieces of wood carving. Government should start such programs which can gain international importance so that it would provide a proper platform to this beautiful wood carving. Moreover, our government should start proper exporting of these pieces so that everyone can get their share. In this way foreign exchange can be earned properly.

These wood carving art pieces are also placed in different exhibitions to know how much this art is appreciated in Pakistan itself. These exhibitions are not only attended by Pakistani people, but foreign people also take part in these exhibitions. Many antique buildings also reflect the creativity of previous woodcarvers that makes a person feel proud of his own cultural heritage.

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  1. Where can you buy these items from? Also indicate examples of price.

    • This is a regional art, swat is famous for its peeray, Lahore is famous for its sate of the art designs, gujrat is also famous and above all chiniot. Karachi offers variety and better prices. Depends on your location and your requirement. Pakistan is also famous for its lacquer art.
      swati peeray are low chairs and price varies from 8 to 12k for two peeray and one table.
      nested tables vary from 6 to 12k
      some piece of art like names of Allah and Mohammad starts from 100 rs per square foot. These are used in entrance of home.
      Designer furniture like high chair ranges from 18k to 26k, two chairs and one stool/table.
      Cane furniture is very beautiful and its cheaper. One sofa set can be within 10k to 15k
      wall shelves with various designs ranges from 800 rs to 4000 rs.
      There are many more, plz discuss your requirement.

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