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Pakistan encompasses a diverse range of internet facilities run by different internet companies. All these companies play a vital role to provide best internet facilities to their clients. Wi-Tribe is also among these recognized internet companies. Wi-Tribe is Qatar Telecom Group which is an internet service provider company that operates in Qatar, Philippines, Jordan and Pakistan. Wi-Tribe head office is in Doha, Qatar. In April 2007, the company was established as Qtel Group Company.


The company aims to expand its internet services worldwide. In Pakistan, company launched its largest operations in 2009. The company provides its superior services nationally and internationally. The area where Wi-Tribe is operating within Pakistan includes Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Faisalabad. Wi-Tribe Pakistan is ICAEW that is the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales approved employer, and hence only these two telecom companies has received this reputation in Pakistan. Due to the least interest shown by the subscribers in advance mobile telecommunication services the company didn’t acquire any 3G license in 2012.


In Jordan Wi-Tribe commenced its operations in 2008, intensifying in quite a lot cities across the Kingdom but due to the sudden increase in electricity fees and taxes imposed by the Government the company cancelled its operation in Jordan. Therefore in 2010, Wi-Tribe launched its operations in Philippines, Qatel and San Miguel, Wi-Tribe has laid down its foundation. Hence this high developed market was another thrilling business enterprise for the tribe and the initial extension of the group into Southeast Asia.


The company after several successful achievements launched 4G wireless Broadband services in February 2010. The products and services that company offers within Pakistan include Postpaid Packages, Prepaid Packages, Student, family and Business Packages. There packages includes Basic Packages and Unlimited packages.

A Wi-Tribe product includes Desktop Modem, WI-Fi Modem, Pocket Modem, USB device and Wi-Fi Router. More over it offers Wi-Tribe antivirus, Parental control, Upsize GBs, power hours, speed boost and Happy Days. Through Wi-Tribe smart payment solutions customers can recharge their balance through Wi-Tribe Scratch Cards, Easy paisa, UBL Omini and customer care centre.


In Jordan, Wi-Tribe offers Homes and Small offices, Additional services and cooperate solutions and to Philippines they offers services that includes Prepaid, Consumer Plans, Corporate Solutions and 4G Modems.



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