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Wavell Plan 1945

The British government envisaged a plan to confer some more liberties to the Indians and the Lord Wavell, the Viceroy of India convened a meeting of all major political parties of India. On 25th of June 1945, the plan proposed:

  • The government will reconstitute the Viceroy’s Executive Council consisting of wholly the Indians except that of Viceroy and the Commander-in-Chief.
  • Dominion status would be granted to India.
  • The representation of the Muslims and Hindus would be equal in the Viceroy’s Council.
  • Indians would frame out their constitution.
  • The Governor-General will hold on to the veto power in the very interest of the people of India.

The meeting was attended by the Muslim League and the Congress both but the disparities arose on the question of Muslim representation. The Muslim League emphasized that it was the only representative part of the Muslims of India and it would its representatives itself. On the contrary, the Congress claimed to be the translator of all the communities of India including Muslims and stance was strengthened by Maulana Azad who was sent by the Congress to pose the Muslim representation. Resultantly, the Wavell plan could not be accepted and Lord Wavell admitted the failure of the plan on July 14, 1945.


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