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Wasim Bari

Wasim Bari

Wasim bari played a great role in the history of Pakistani cricket team. He was a good batsman as well as a capable wicket-keeper. His playing techniques were remarkable. Opposing team members were also amazed of his talent.

Wasim Bari is a former cricketer of Pakistan. He was born on 23rd March, 1948 in Karachi. He took part in a total of 81 Test matches and 51 one-day-internationals during 1967-1984. He was also a wicket keeper as well a capable right-handed batsman. Wasim bari was the most capable cricketer in the history of Pakistani test matches.

How and when was his talent recognized?

Wasim bari’s talent was recognized for the first time in the year 1967 by the England team under 25 teams declaring that Wasim bari was so far the best wicket-keeper to appear from the South Asia. He made his first debut in a test match which was played in England (Lords).

His career in cricket…

He played fine innings for our motherland. He still has a record of making 133 runs in partnership with Wasim Raja when only one wicket was left. He made a total of 60 runs without falling down.

He played his first ODI match in the year 1973 against New Zealand. Colin Milburn, belonging from the England cricket team was his debut discharge. Wasim bari made a total of 27 stumpings and 201 catches by taking part in 81 test-matches. 15.88 was his average batting score, making a total of 85 runs as a final score in his career.

He also took part in 51 one day matches for our country; maintain 17.0, 52 as an average score for batting and 10 stumpings. Sometimes, he also played as a right armed bowler, throughout his career but didn’t make any remarkable scores.

Tony Greig who was a commentator and also a former Captain of England cricket team mentioned that Allan Knott was so far the most excellent wicket-keeper but he himself thought Wasim Bari was a better wicket keeper than him. He was more recognized as a good wicket-keeper than a good batsman.

He made a record by making 8 catches in a test match which was played at Leeds, in the year 1971. During 1976-1977, he managed to drop 4 stumpings down, in a cricket match which was played against Australia. So there were 2 records in the history of cricket for the most wicket taker. He was also declared as the captain of Pakistani cricket team for national and international matches.

Later in 1997, he was given an award for Life Achievement by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). After his retirement, he took part in the Selection board position for Pakistan.


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