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WAPDA New Real Moneyslots Games

WAPDA New Real Moneyslots Games

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WAPDA is the water and power development authority of Pakistan. It is a government owned organization to maintain water and power in Pakistan. Thermal power is not managed by WAPDA. Tarbela and Mangla dames are its reserves. Headquarters of WAPDA are in Lahore. Until 1959, water and power organization was overseen by the provincial agencies but in February 1959, WAPDA was established. In 2007, WAPDA was splitted into two departments among one remained as WAPDA and other was named as Pakistan Electric Company. Water and hydropower development is the responsibility of WAPDA. Now WAPDA is independent in developing the Hydel Power and Water Sector Projects.


In Pakistan, WAPDA is among those employers who have the largest human resources. Plans and schemes that WAPDA execute are generating and transmitting the distribution of power, preventing the water logging, and managing the floods. The water wing of WAPDA is headed by the member to execute the projects in the country. General Managers, Chief Engineers, and Project Directors, for the water sector and hydropower development projects are responsible for the execution and implementation of the project. There are several ongoing projects by the WAPDA. These projects include construction of Dams, construction of canals, drainage projects, hydropower projects, and construction of barrages.

Some of the under construction dams are Gomal Zam Dam, Mirani Dam, Mangla Dam Raising Project, etc. Three canals projects Rainee Canal, Kachhi Canal and Greater Thal Canal are under construction. Two drainage projects are under construction right now one is, right bank outfall drain project-I and other one is Baluchistan Effluent Disposal Into RBOD-III. Barrage projects include Chashma Barrage, CJ-Link Canal, and Cashma Right Bank Canal. Allai Khwer Hydropower Project, Khan Khwer Hydropower Project, Duber Khwer Hydropower Project, Jinnah Hydropower Project, Neelum Jehlum Hydropower Project and Jabban Hydropower Project are the ongoing hydropower projects.


WAPDA is responsible for planning, managing and providing the electricity to the people of Pakistan. It is the power development authority that keeps check on the availability, consumption and demand of power and accordingly then works to meet the further demands. With the time, demand of power and electricity has been increased so the WAPDA is planning for constructing more dams in future.

Some of the future dam projects are Diamer Bhasha Dam, Khurram Tangi Dam, Munda Dam and Akhori Dam. By constructing these dams,, WAPDA would be able to meet the demands of people living in Pakistan.

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