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walled City of Lahore -1

walled City of Lahore -1

The Walled City of Lahore, Capital City of Punjab, is situated near Ravi River. In the beginning, this city was 2 miles away from river Ravi but now Lahore and its outskirts are surrounding Ravi River.  This city is known as capital of Punjab from centuries but very few people know that before Chughtai Emperors (commonly known as Mughals), the Capital city of Punjab was Depalpur which was selected by Mongols. In the era of Tughluq Emperors, the Capital was Depalpur, but emperor Babar and Humayun of Chughtai rule declared this city as capital of Province Punjab. After that, the residency in Lahore grew by large.

There is confusion between historians that this walled city was known as “Lohawar” “Lohanoor”  “Lopur” or Lahore in earlier ages?  but while reading Hazrat Amir Khusro’s book “Qiran-us-Saadain” it comes in knowledge that he uses word Lahore for this City. Which proves that till 8th century, when Hazrat Amir Khusro was alive, this city was known as Lahore.

Because of the confusion in the history about this city, there is no authentic proof that who constructed this city but there are two stories mentioned in history, which are famous and one can be authentic. In “Khulasa Tul Tawarikh” Qazi Ahmad Qummi writes that thousand years ago there was a King known as Maharaja Ramchandra Auwtar, who had two sons one was “Lo’o” while the other was “Kisur”. They both came to Punjab and settled down here. Lo’o constructed the City “Lopur” while the Kisur constructed “Qusur’. This was the one story while Sheikh Muhammad Zanjani writes in a book “ Risala e Tohfa al wasileen” which was written in 435 Hijri  in which he claimed that this city was first constructed by “Raja Pareechat”. After his death, this city got empty and remained empty until “Raja Bak’r Majeet” came and ordered to reconstruct the city. Unfortunately, he died and the city was again emptied until “Raja Samandar Pal Jogi” got the throne. On his orders, the city was again reconstructed and he named it “Samandar Pal Nagri”. This City remained Samandar Pal Nagri till “Raja Deep Chand” got Dehli’s throne and he included whole Punjab in his empire, Raja Deep Chand changed the name of this city and named it “Loharpur” which afterwards became “Lahore”. When Sultan Mahmood Ghaznwai attacked on subcontinent, “Raja Jay Pal Barhaman” was the governor of Lahore who first fought with Sultan Subagtageen and then after his son Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, in which he lost and Muslim’s took over Lahore. This story’s writer was alive in the era of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi and wrote this book when his son Sultan Masood Ghaznawi was ruling the throne. So this one seems authentic than the first one.

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  3. Maharaja’s Name is Missing in Qazi Ahmad Qummi’s reference.

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