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Walima in Pakistan

Walima in Pakistan

Walima in Pakistan, the second day of the wedding ceremony is fixed for another joyful event. This sweet and enjoyable gathering can be arranged in the banquet hall or at the groom’s home. The main event of this blissful ceremony is the lunch or dinner meal that is offered by the groom’s parents to the bride’s parents and relatives.

The first activity that has been done on the walima day is breakfast (Nashta). First impression is the last impression. The brother or cousin of bride with a relative female (Cousin, sister) went to the groom’s home with many types of spicy, delicious and traditional foodstuffs this is the nashta (breakfast) of bride, groom, and groom’s family. The reaction of groom’s side after tasting that breakfast indicates that how they will welcome the bride’s relatives on the valima ceremony.

walima bridal dress

Walima gathering normally arranged in the marriage hall or in some cases in the groom’s home, where the parents of groom and their relatives welcomed the bride’s relatives. The younger people of the groom’s side have the main role while welcoming the guests with the rose petals. The welcoming ceremony is very interesting and while throwing the rose petals on the guests the exchange of chili words from both of the side is a normal activity.

After the welcome of the guests from both the sides, this is the arrival time of the bride and groom in the cluster of their cousins. There is a stage arrangement for both of these in front of all the guests. Traditionally the groom wears the dress that is gifted from the bride’s parents and the bride wearing a beautiful and attractive dress (Lehnga, Sarhi, etc) that belongs from the groom’s side.

walima reception in pakistan

This is the time to untie the pockets while giving the salamis (cash gifts) to both bride and groom. The bride’s relatives presented the salamis to groom and the groom’s relatives handed over to the bride. The female of both sides are the controlling authorities while giving these salamis. They are wearing stunning dresses; simply we can say that the valima gathering is just like a female fashion show. The participation of the females is on the top and it shows a competition between them to look beautiful among the others. The males, the gentle husbands are taking care of their children all the time that including the feast time, salami time and their wives including both sides are just enjoying the whole walima ceremony.

pakistani walima bride

Walima or the Wedding Feast is one of the conventional ceremonies of marriage in Islam where the family and friends are invited on a wedding meal after Nikah (signing the contract of marriage) of the bride and groom. It is the celebration of the wedding from the groom shared with the community. The word Walima is also used as the jubilation of a newly-born baby or the inauguration of the new house. Walima in Pakistan, the Muslims arrange Walima with pomp and show. Friends and the kith and kin are invited on the marriage banquet in an open-air tented place or wedding halls which are intensively in vogue these days.

benazir bhutto walima

Coming from Arabic language, Walima means to gather or assemble the people. Walima is interchangeable with the English ritual where they arrange a feast to celebrate their wedding. But in Pakistani society, the word is associated only with post-marriage gathering.

Walima is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him). There are different opinions about the timing of Walima as the religious scholars have different views on it. According to some scholars, it is due on the time of Nikah while some are of the opinion that the right time of Walima is the time of wedding procession. Some of them say it should be after Nikah and before consummation but all of them are unanimously agreed on Walima.

At the end of that beloved ceremony the couple went to the bride’s parent’s home with dignity and respect. Walima gathering is awesome and one thing is common that is the smile on everyone especially on the faces of bridegroom’s parents.


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