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Virtual University

Virtual University

The word university is referred as an institution for higher education & the research and development which provide degrees on various subjects such as engineering, commerce, medical and other specialization. University provides degree on bachelor status, master status and also the PHD status. The word university was extract from the word universitas which literal meaning is the group or cluster of scholars. All over the world there are thousands of different universities providing degree on various subjects. In Pakistan, one of the best universities of the world is located. Virtual university is also the one situated in different cities of Pakistan providing education to the people at quite cheap rate but of high quality.

Among all the universities of Pakistan, Virtual University is the first to provide education which completely depends on the modern communication and the information technology. The foundation stone for this university was laid by the Govt. of Pakistan and was based on public sector i.e. it was a nonprofit institution which had a clear objective to provide education of high and effective quality. The second and the most important objective was to create such atmosphere for the student which helps them to study properly and comfortably. This university have use the free to air satellite technology which helps the student all over Pakistan and abroad to study well without any problem. Virtual University had federal charter which makes its degree and education identified all over Pakistan as well as abroad. Virtual Universities initiated its career in 2002 and in such a short period of time this university had gain fame all over the country and is expected more in future years. This university is spread in 60 cities of Pakistan with more than hundred academies that are providing education to the students. Pakistani students living abroad are also enrolled in this university.

Virtual University provides degrees in various programs some of which are Bs in computer science, BS in information technology, Bs in Marketing, Bs in Psychology, BS in account and finance, Bs in commerce, Bs in mass communication, Bs in public administration, MBA, MSc, etc.


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