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Vaneeza Ahmed Ali

Vaneeza Ahmed Ali

Pakistani model and actress Vaneeza Ahmed Ali was born on 29th June 1971. Vaneeza is commonly known by her nickname Vinny, belongs to a Muslim family and was born in Murree, Pakistan and was later shifted to Germany with her parents. Vaneeza has done her bachelor’s in Psychology from Kinnaird College. She has earned the status of being the most well-known female celebrity and model of Pakistan. She has the honor of working with John Rainbow and Tom Cruise in 90’s in Hollywood films. In the early age she did modeling just as a hobby only to become the face of some top brands of Pakistan.

Nilofer was the first person who approached Vaneeza as a model at that time she was confused about her career but her modeling in some fashion shows led fashion critics to appreciate her classiness on the cat-walk. In 2010, Vaneeza got married to Ali Afzal Malik, according to her they were made for each other. The couple is known to be spellbound with one and other and in 2012 they became parents.


After several successful achievements she planned to launch her own brand with the name “Vlawn”. Her branding created an excitement among the fashion conscious public. In 2011, she continued with her “VLawn” brand of women’s lawn suits. Her lawn is admired by women of all ages. She said in one of her interview that, “I could lie about it and say I’m in this field for the love f art. But I admit that I’m doing it for money”. She has always been with her career for the sake of money with the support of her peer Iraj Manzoor.


She has been in supremacy in fashion industry for over fifteen years and her business manners helped her to carry on her chosen career. Vaneeza first acted in Jamal Shah’s controversial film “Saga”. After that she acted in several films including Janey Anjaney, Tum se milkay, Tum Hi Tau Ho, Talash, Armaan and many more. The most prominent role that she played was the role of Dina Wadia the daughter of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1998 in Jamil Dehlavi biocopic of the leader Jinnah. This versatile actress was even selected as one of the Olympic torch bearers when the torch arrived in Islamabad on 16th April 2008, which was sponsored by Samsung and she was among the only selected celebrities to hold the torch in the relay out of the chosen 66.


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