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The term “Language” may be referring to the intricate system of communication used by locals of any area or to any occurrence of use of this system. Talking about language could be referring to either the written mode of communication or to the colloquial mode. With the passage of time languages have evolved into their own universes; with the basics including the accent, alphabets and writing skills. Among the 6000 languages spoken around the world, Urdu is the fourth most vocalized language round the globe, the order being Mandarin, Spanish, English & then Urdu/Hindi. The reason I wrote Urdu/Hindi here is that both of the languages are derived from the same sources just that at the issue of writing Urdu took on Nastaliq style of writing and Hindi uses the Devanāgarī style. With the passage of time Urdu has also taken on some words of Sanskrit.

Some say Urdu was brought into the Sub-continent by the Mughals, but Urdu came into being as a language in 1857 during the Independence War when the soldiers of the British army belonging to different nations had trouble communicating with each other. So they used an amalgamation of Persian, Turkish and Arabic languages; which later came to be known as Urdu. This aboriginal language came across the royals of that time and they liked it a lot so they adopted it and it rapidly developed into one of the chicest things. Even though this language came into being by people of other languages and traditions, with the passage of time Urdu developed its own people, customs and traditions and went on to be one of those with the most enriched history.

As this language (Urdu) was easier than its predecessors it was adopted by a lot of people as their primary language, and many of the artist and poets tried their luck in this newborn language to gain fame. As the monarchs of the sub-continent were very fond of poetry, the poets who presented their work (and if it was good), they were heavily rewarded. This encouraged the poets to adopt this language. Amir Khusro was the first man who dared to present his work in the royal court. The Royalty of that time played a major part in spreading Urdu as they used to hold ceremonies in their court where they called upon poets to recite their work and they also used to pay monthly remuneration and they rewarded the most artistic poet of the night.

Contrasting to the poetry Urdu prose didn’t gain that much popularity initially. The core reason was the lack of interest in reading by the monarchs of that time, which proved very bad for Urdu. As the Mughal era came to an end and British rose to power a very gifted man attempted his luck at this uncharted division. It was Deputy Nazir Ahmed; he wrote a novel titled Mirat-ul-Uroos, which is still very widespread and in request by people.

Unlike Urdu prose, its journalism spread quite quickly. The main reason of is fame was that when the British violence began to increase many bimonthlies and monthlies began publishing in Urdu. These magazines contained a heavy dose of integrities and the ethics lacking in the people of the sub-continent, so it is needless to say that these magazines contributed a lot to the moral awakening of the inhabitants. Truthfully if it wasn’t for Urdu we would still be living in the sub-continent.


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