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University of South Asia

University of South Asia

The University of South Asia is a licensed university established in Lahore, Pakistan. It was initiated to uphold computer education but now it is giving certified degrees in various fields including Business Studies, Pharmaceutical, Law, Engineering, Architecture, fashion and design as well. There two campuses of the university one in Cantt and another one at Raiwind Road both equally maintain the educational standard. In the history a chain of National Colleges of Computer Sciences (NCCS) were established by “The Sadiq Memorial Educational Society” all through the country to offer a Computer Sciences Program.



In 1992, Bachelor of Computer Sciences program was launched and in 1994, Intermediate with Computer Sciences was commenced. Respectively MBA and MCS programs were introduced in 1995. On 14th April 2003, The National Group of Colleges achieved in establishing chartered degree-awarding higher education institution called the Institute of South Asia and on 29th May, 2004 the institute was upgraded to the status of a university. The university was formally inaugurated by the Chief Minister of the Punjab.

The University of South Asia encompasses many schools, colleges and institutes. The university comprises numerous faculties and these includes faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Humanties, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Art and Fashion Design, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Legal studies, Faculty of Accounting and Finance and Faculty of Computer sciences.

 More than 100,000 students has experienced meticulous training programs in the current field of Computer Sciences that has already become an essential part of our lives and is intended to become the most noteworthy in the days to come. University of South Asia is a viewpoint, a thought, a belief that rotates around the observable fact of “Change for the Better.” USA deems that we should incessantly advance ourselves to keep pace with the constantly varying demands of human expansion. USA is unwavering to bring innovation in each and every aspect of human learning. Discovering the undiscovered and reaching out to the anxious will make this globe a better place to live for our generations to come. Hence the university provides better facilities to the students to keep the environment healthy and entertaining and all modern facilities related to studies are available in the institute.


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