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UET-University of Engineering and Technology

UET-University of Engineering and Technology

A university is defined as an organization of advance education which provides degree of specialization on different subjects. It has derived from the word ‘UNIVERSITAS’ which represents group of professors and highly qualified scholars. A university provides education on both bachelor and on master level respectively. There are hundreds of universities in Pakistan which provide highly qualified education, among these the famous and the oldest university is UET-University of engineering and technology situated in Lahore, Pakistan.

This university is listed as the oldest engineering institution in Pakistan which foundation was laid on 1921 is situated in a peaceful and beautiful environment of Lahore. This university provides degree in bachelor, masters and on PhD level. According to HEC, UET is on the top of the list among the universities of Pakistan. There are four campus of this university. About 8870 students are enrolled in the university including 700 foreign candidates. This university has one of the largest faculties of about 804 teachers in which 120 are PhD. There are 33 engineering departments some of which are electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, etc. This university also provides boarding facilities for about three thousands students and bus services having forty-nine buses for student facilities. The annual development budget of this university is 733 million rupee. In 2010 UET was ranked at 281th among the universities all over the world and 61th in Asian universities by Qs world ranking.

The University of Engineering and technology is situated on GT road, Lahore is close to attractive Shalimar garden built by Mughals. This university starts in 1921 under the name Mughalpura College which later on was renamed to Maclagan Eng College in 1923. At that time this institution offers only two programs mechanical and electrical. This university was affiliated with Punjab University in 1932. After the independence in 1954 this university starts mining engineering. Real development begins when this institution was transpose to West Pakistan Engineering University. Other programs like chemical, metallurgy engineering and architecture were also started. Postgraduates programs were begin from 1970.

By seeing the electric crises (load shedding) UET developed its own power generation unit in 2004 which had the ability to create 2 M.Watts of electricity which was later increased to 3 M.Watts. By this development UET became the first institution of Pakistan to create its own electricity and at on its own place.


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