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Truck Art

Truck Art

When we hear word” Truck art” all the colors of Pakistani culture with all its sweetness and spice touches your senses. Regardless of truck drivers’ income and their willingness upon spending on truck art

we see truck art on almost every truck in Pakistan from biggest posters to tiny art crafts and sometimes a two lines “shair” representing the attitude of its driver. We can divide the truck art in following categories.

  • Paintings and posters
  • Art craft hangings
  • Attitude lines and poetry

Some drivers adopts any one of above categories for decorating his dearest “rani” truck but some truck drivers with greatest zeal for artistic taste also adopts all of the above categories to make his truck the one and only.

You will amazed to know that truck art has turned in to an professional art in Pakistan, so most of the drivers cant do truck art themselves , they hire an artist to do it for them. This truck art artist usually owns a shop. His shop contains all the accessories of truck art which includes posters for back of truck, stickers and hanging for back and front lights, for the mirrors. Hence you can say that they have all the arthritic necessities for making the truck look like bride from head to toe, we mean from back lights to front lights of a truck.

Truck art is very expressive like any other art form. It says something to you and hence represents its driver too. You can easily visualize the personality, nation and belonging of its driver by having a sharp observational look on his truck art. While adopting the painting and posters category of truck art, drivers usually paint the posters of their political leaders or the slogans of political party they are following. Imagine a truck having loin’s painting with political party’s flag and the slogan written with it” baqi sub hair pair hai, sirf tu hi hamara shair hai”.In the same way you can see many truck drivers showing their honest belonging to the national parties they love. There are truck drivers who are die hard fans of Lollywood movies, we are talking about Lahori truck drivers, and they usually paint the poster of their favorite actress on their truck. Similarly Pathan drivers also paint the poster of their favorite Pashtoo movie as an act of likeness.

The art crafts include eagle, dove, and swords etc which are so well decorated that the observer appreciates the maker for sure. These art crafts are classified for each part of truck separately like you can’t decorate the mirrors with back light art craft hanging.

Art crafts also include the reflector stickers. These reflector stickers are very interesting and available in many shapes and alphabetic letters, so that truck drivers can write and decorate their trucks in every way. Specialty of these reflector stickers is that they reflect when light falls on them. This feature makes them look beautiful, blazing and visible in dark night. You can say that it can also reduce road accidents too due to its visibility in night. Their color differs from shape to shape and design to design.

Last but not the least, the attitude lines and poetry behind the trucks attracts ones attraction when stuck in traffic. These attitude lines and poetry gives you the perfect analysis of driver’s personality and thinking. We are sharing few interesting lines with you which we read from trucks. You can say it’s the production by “Truck art”.


Maghroor Shehzadi tu na mani


Na mila hai na milay ga mujhe aram kahi

Mein musafir hoon meri subha kahi sham kahi


Itni nafrat se ne dekh muje itna bura nea hoon

Ghareeb hoo magar mein bewafa nea hoon


Dil jalne wala jala karo

Yahan qismat meray sath hai


Have a happy truck art observation around you.


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