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TMC is known as Toyota Motor Corporation which is a multinational automobile company of Japan; its head quarter is in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. This company was first established in 1933 in a result of partition of Toyota Automatic Loom Work, under the supervision of Kiichiro Toyoda. In 1935, they first launched A1passenger car and the G1. The Motor Co. was independently established in 1937.


In 2008, Toyoda sale was at no1.In1924; Sakichi Toyoda invented G Automatic Loom which was the new model of Toyoda. Toyoda Production System implements the principle of Jidoka, which means the machine will automatically stop when the problem will occurs. They use to build Looms on a small production line and then its copy rights were sold to the British company.



In the beginning the vehicles were sold under name of Toyoda. The first passenger car was model AA and it was completed in 1936. After the public competition in September 1936, its new logo was suggested. In August 1937, the company name was registered as, “Toyota Motor Company”. The company was first awarded for its best quality in 1980 and it participated in a wide variety of motor sports. Toyota Motor Sales and Toyota Motor Company fuse into one company in 1982, the Toyota Motor Corporation. Two years later, they join project with General Motors called the New United Motor Manufacturing ( NUMMI).

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In 2005, Toyota was ranked at no eighth on Forbes 2000 list of the world’s leading companies but in 2011 it came down to no 55. In 2007, it made a full size truck, the Tundra, which was made in two American factories, Texas and Indiana. Toyota has developed plants in Australia, India, Sri Lana, Japan, India, Poland, Colombia, South Africa, Indonesia, Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, the United States, France and recently developed plants are in Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Venezuela, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, Russia and the Philippines.


They initiated the IMV project to optimize universal manufacturing and supply system for multi purpose vehicles, pickup trucks to gratify market demand in more than 140 countries worldwide. Diesel engines were made in Thailand, in Indonesia gasoline engines were made, India and the Philippines were responsible for making manual transmissions. Hybrid electric vehicle was first introduced and sold by Toyota Company; with the introduction of, “Toyota Prius” in 1997. The Company also gave the facility of smaller cars like Camry and Lexus. They also introduced some luxury hybrid cars and labeled the technology as, “Hybrid Synergy Drive”. In 2007, Toyota Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle project was begun. A total of 600 Prius plug-in demonstration vehicle were made available by Toyota for rent to Navy and government costumers. In 2002, Toyota began a development and demonstration program to test the Toyota FCHV, a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle was based on the Toyota Highlander production SUV. Toyota also built a FCHV bus based on the Hino Blue Ribbon city low-floor bus. Approximately 70 different models were sold by this brand which includes vans, sedans hybrids, coupes and cross over. TRD which stands for Toyota Racing Development was brought to develop high performance racing parts for many Toyota vehicles. It is also responsible for Toyota’s involvement in NASCAR motor sports. TRD has also made Lexus’s performance division “F-Sport“.

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