Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Serena Shigar Fort

shigar fort

On the legendry route of world’s second highest mountain K-2, a beautifully built resort is located named as Serena Shigar Fort that in locally known as “Fong-Khar” that means “Palace on the Rock”. Guests can have the opportunity to experience the seventeenth century Raja Fort Palace’s original architecture, as this fort is the unique heritage guesthouse. Along with this originally ... Read More »

Shangrilla Resorts


Shangrila, a heaven on earth! Can you feel the sweetness and politeness when you pronounce this word “Shangrila”? The pronunciation of this word is just like the taste of sugar or honey in your mouth, think what will happen when you plan a trip to go to the Northern areas of Pakistan, and compare that sweetness with natural beauty while ... Read More »

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