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Clifton Karachi

clifton karachi beach

If we think of Karachi, first thing that comes in mind is seaside and when think of seaside the first name which appears is, Clifton Karachi. This seaside is the most famous and most visited seashore of Karachi among Sands pit, Cape Mount, Manora, Giddani beach which is Baluchistan actually but it is near to Karachi and people of Karachi ... Read More »

Tollinton Market

tollinton market.

Tollinton Market, today nevertheless a shadow of formerly outstanding structure, is located to the east of the Lahore Museum, crossways Punjab Public Library Road. This structure was built to hold the first significant showcase of Punjab’s arts and trades. This structure is of great importance in tracking the urban history of Lahore. In 1864 as an outcome of the industrial ... Read More »



Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road)  of Punjab is very historic and happening place as we can found enormous sights and tourists spots around it which connects us with our Past and also provide us information about the, people, culture and living style of our ancestors. If we travel towards northwest on Grand Trunk road from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, after 32 ... Read More »

Mochi Gate

mochi gate lahore

Lahore is a historical city located in Punjab, Pakistan. Origin of Lahore city is not known. A section of city Lahore is known as Walled City of Lahore, “Old City” or “Androon Shehr”. It is called walled city because during the Mughal era a city wall fortified it. There were thirteen gates in the Walled City of Lahore and Mochi ... Read More »

GawalMandi Food Street

gawalmandi at night

Lahore is a city that is called the heart of Pakistan. Lahore is the historical city and is popular for its military location, beauty, and historical places like Badshahi Mosque, tomb of Jahanger and Lahore Fort etc. Lahore always has the attraction for people from many aspects to visit it. Lahore is popular for another reason and that is people’s ... Read More »

American Tourists in Pakistan

american tourist in pakistan

Pakistan has always been a tourist paradise for travelers and tourists. American tourists in Pakistan are found oftentimes.  This place was famous in hippies of west. They used to call it ‘hippie trail’. The people are hospitable and moving around here is quite inexpensive. As advantage a tourist finds himself in heaven on earth. The beautiful valleys, mountains, rivers and ... Read More »

Liaquat Bagh

liaquat bagh

Liaquat bagh (bagh means park) is situated on the murree road in the city of Rawalpindi, Punjab of Pakistan. It is a very old and famous park of the country. The park was at one time named Municipal Park. This park was renamed ‘Liaquat Bagh’ after the assassination of the first prime minster of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan. This incident ... Read More »

Saidpur Village

saidpur village entrance

Saidpur Village is a Mughal era village on the slopes of the Margalla Hills and located off the hill Road to the east of Daman-e- Koh in Islamabad. Saidpur is the village which has seen multi civilizations many color and fragrances including Gandhara, Greek, Buddhist Fugal, Asoka and the British regime. Saidpur was considered a garden resort and perpetual spring ... Read More »

Rawal Lake

rawal lake

Rawal Lake History Rawal Lake is located in the outside of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it is considered to be a paradise on earth due to its attractive view that one must not miss. It is an artificial reservoir of Pakistan that fulfills the water demand for the citizen of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This artificial lake covers an area of 8.8 ... Read More »

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism

gilgit baltistan tourism

Gilgit Baltistan Tourism Gilgit strategically the most important region in the Karakorum and the trade center and capital town. It is the land of mountains, glaciers, organic hidden valleys, lakes and mountain Rivers and stream flows here are full of Himalayan trout. Fishing is the most favorite and famous hobby of the people who visit here. Gilgit Baltistan is a ... Read More »

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