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Sozo Water Park

sozo water park

           Sozo Water Park is the Pakistan’s first and largest water park that was first opened for the public on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr on 18 May, 1988. The word “Sozo” means “Salvation” that is a Greek word. After the establishment of this water park, many other people built other water parks but none of them can compete with it ... Read More »

Chitral National Park


Pakistan is blessed with variety of beautiful parks. Chitral National park is among all these recognized parks. This park is situated in Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and besides the Chitral River. It is also identified as Chitral Gol National Park. Until 1983, Mehtar of Chitral considered Chitral Gol as their private property. There was difference of opinion between Mehtar ... Read More »



Dating back to the 1st century BC an ancient city lies within the region of Sindh, Pakistan that is known as Banbhore or Bhambore. The remains of the city lie on the N-5 National Highway to the east of Karachi. It dates back to the era of Scytho-Parthian, which was later on controlled by Muslims from 8th to 13th century ... Read More »

Rehman Dheri


A well-known Pre-Harappan Archeological site located near Dera Ismail Khan in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which is the province of Pakistan known as Rehman Dheri. It is one of the oldest developed centres established in South Asia. This site dates back to 4000 BC, which is located at 22 km north of Dera Ismail Khan. The entire habitation area was enclosed ... Read More »

Sukh Chayn Gardens

Lahore_Sukh_Chayn_Gardens (3)

Lahore is a city that has many housing estates and Sukh Chayn Gardens is one of them and is a Gated Community in the Suburbs of Lahore, Pakistan. This housing estate was built the collaboration of China. Pakistan and China signed a contract of 110 million dollars in December 2004, to construct a housing project on Multan Road, Lahore. From Pakistan, ... Read More »

Frere Hall

frere hall

Pakistan is the place where many of old buildings that were built in Mughal era and British Raj can be found. During British Raj at subcontinent, British Government built many buildings and frère Hall is one of those buildings that still exist in Karachi in Sindh Province. This building was built in the honor of Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere. ... Read More »

Borith Lake


Pakistan consists of numerous lakes which are the picturesque tourist spot. One of the famous lakes among these is Borith Lake. It is nestled in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The lake is surrounded by rural community towards the northwest Husseini a parish near Gulmit, Gojal in the upper Hunza. 2,600 m is its altitude above the sea level.  The lake is just ... Read More »

Seri Bahlol

seri-bahlol (3)

Seri Bahlol that is also known as Sehri Bahlol is a historical place located 70 kilometers north-west Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan. This village is situated on a small hill and is and is surrounded by the sophisticated stone wall. The wall that protects the village is damaged in many places but still can be seen in many places. Seri Bahlol ... Read More »



Mehrgarh is among the important Neolithic sites in archeology. This place is located in Baluchistan, Pakistan, on “Kachi Plain”. In South Asia, it is considered the one of the earliest sites with the evidence of farming and herding. On the direction of a French archeologist Jean Francois and Catherine Jarrige, an archeological team discovered this site in 1974. Between 1974 ... Read More »



A glorious Kaghan Valley located at Mansehra District of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is the province of Pakistan; it is blessed with an exceptional lake known as Ansoo Lake. The word tear drop is the translation of Ansoo in English. Its startling characteristic is that it is situated at an altitude of 4,245 meters near Malika Parbat and incredibly located ... Read More »

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