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Tollinton Market

tollinton market.

Tollinton Market, today nevertheless a shadow of formerly outstanding structure, is located to the east of the Lahore Museum, crossways Punjab Public Library Road. This structure was built to hold the first significant showcase of Punjab’s arts and trades. This structure is of great importance in tracking the urban history of Lahore. In 1864 as an outcome of the industrial ... Read More »

PIA Planetarium


From the millions of places to go and see, one finds a hard time selecting the place to be. Among millions of others one Pakistani needs to get out and about; before going out of the country they should at least see what marvels lay in the corners of this country. For Pakistan is a captivating land filled with a ... Read More »

Sibbi Museum in a glance


Baluchistan is one of the rich historical cities having number of classic cities. Sibbi is one of them. Sibbi is the small city having very hot weather. I guess in Province of Baluchistan it’s the hottest city. Talking of Sibbi’s historical development let us tell you that Sibbi is one of the warm historical cities of Baluchistan province. Sibbi was ... Read More »

Chakdara Museum


A museum is defined as the association which protects and takes care of the collection of unique objects such as scientific, artistic, and especially the historical objects and make them accessible for public to view. Large museums are mostly located in big cities whereas small museum are located in the small cities and towns. Museums are usually open for all ... Read More »

Peshawar Museum


Pakistan is full of historic places and all these historic places are extremely beautiful and everyone should visit these historic places once in a lifetime especially if you are a Pakistani then visiting these historic places is must. One of the many historic places of Pakistan is the museum situated in the city of Peshawar by the name Peshawar Museum. ... Read More »

Swat Museum


Swat, an amazing place to visit is situated in Pakistan in the region of Khyber Pakhtun Khawa KPK. Mingora is the main town of Swat. It is a magnificent place having great art, culture and the most beautiful sites. This amazing place is surrounded with the tall mountains, cluster of green trees and the shining water. The language spoken there ... Read More »

National Museum Islamabad


The National Museum is located at the west viewpoint of the famous shaker Parian hills in Islamabad. It is grand, vast and absolutely magnificent. The museum is dedicated to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the future generation of their beloved country. History Islamabad museum is very old museum. It shows the history of Pakistan. It represents the hard ... Read More »

Lok Virsa Museum


Pakistan is a country of cultures and believes. It contains both types of cultures ethnic and religious. Pakistan is a country that contains number of historical places and uncountable beautiful places. People of Pakistan are extremely generous, loving and caring although a very wrong picture of Pakistan has been portraying to the world now through world media. Media only shows ... Read More »

Lahore Museum

lahore museum at night

In the heart of the Punjab’s provincial capital Lahore; lies a catalogue of its illustrious and often tainted past. The Lahore Museum in itself has captured the essence of the great diverse history of the city; giving on lookers a feel of all that it went through to reach to this point and imparting key historical lessons to the youth of today. ... Read More »

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