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Punnu Fort


There are several forts built in history by many Mughal Emperors. Punnu Fort is an example of these. The remaining of this fort are located in Turbat at the distance of 15 km. Turbat is the city situated in the northern part of Balochistan. This fort could date back to 6000-8000 BC according to the analysis of some archeologists. The ... Read More »

Pir Sohawa


Pir Sohawa is a flat terrain pictorial rural sight which is situated near the capital of Pakistan that is Islamabad. It is situated at an altitude of 5000 feet and is sited in Margalla Hills in the district of Haripur. For the residents of Islamabad the place plays a role of picnic spot. Pir Sohawa is sighted near Monal Village, which ... Read More »

Phandar Valley


On earth, Pakistan is the luckiest country, that has been conferred with four different seasons, among these Autumn is more eye-catching for photography in Gilgit-Baltistan as during this season the valleys turns into colors like yellow, brown, orange, red and golden which looks very appealing to the eye. Phandar valley is also an attractive valley which is positioned in District ... Read More »



Thandiani exactly means “Very Cold”; it is a hill station in the Galyat area of Pakistan. In the beginning Thandiani was granted as a lease to some members of the famous family Battaye, in British India. Battaye were vibrant Christian missionaries and they also found civil and military services. Some very famous scions were also produced by them such as ... Read More »

Lake Manchar


One of the largest lake of Asia located in Pakistan is famous as Lake Manchar, it is a fresh water lake. It is situated in Jamshoro District, Sindh in the west of the Indus River. The vicinity of the lake ebb and flow with the seasons from as minute as 350 km² to as much as 520 km².It accumulates water from several ... Read More »

Lotkoh Valley


Lotkoh valley is famous for its hot spring which is situated in Chitral. This hot spring is popular for healing diseases of skin. People from long distances come here to take a bath to cure themselves. The hot spring is also acknowledged as the Sulphur Spring as it is rich with Sulphur deposits due to which the temperature of the ... Read More »

Serena Shigar Fort

shigar fort

On the legendry route of world’s second highest mountain K-2, a beautifully built resort is located named as Serena Shigar Fort that in locally known as “Fong-Khar” that means “Palace on the Rock”. Guests can have the opportunity to experience the seventeenth century Raja Fort Palace’s original architecture, as this fort is the unique heritage guesthouse. Along with this originally ... Read More »

Malam Jabba


The Hill Station Malam Jabba is near Karakorum mountain range and 40 km away from Saidu harif in Sawat valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. From Islamabad this hill station is 314 km away and 51 km away from Airport of Saidu Sharif. In Pakistan, Malam Jabba is home to only ski resort. The area of Malam Jabba restrains two Buddhist stupas ... Read More »

Lake View Park


Murree and Islamabad being the famous hill stations of Pakistan encompasses numerous beautiful places including parks. The most well-known park located on the highway of Murree and Islamabad is known as Lake View Park. On the way from Islamabad to Murree a road that turns to the right leads to this beautiful park that is just before Barakahu. This park ... Read More »

Karamber Lake


Karamber Lake was previously known as Qurumber Lake, which is a high elevated lake situated among Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit–Baltistan in Pakistan. In the world it is recognized as the 31st highest lake and in Pakistan it is the 2nd highest lake at an altitude of 14,121 feet above sea level and is also one of the highest biologically active lakes on earth. In ... Read More »

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