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Auto Rickshaw


In many countries of the world, auto rickshaw is very common source of transportation. In different regions it is known by different names as tuk tuk, rickshaw, three-wheeler, samosa, tempo, auto, bajaj, baby taxi, tri cycle etc. It is the modern and motorized form of pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw used in past. Rickshaw is a three-wheeled cabin cycle. Mostly ... Read More »

Sea Shells- Seepi

Pakistani man Abdul Raheem collects shells on Karachi's Clifton Beach

Starting from Clifton Beach of Karachi till Kund Malir and Omara Beach at Gawadar, we talk about the scenic beauty, silver sand, camel and horse riding, water sports, boating, fishing but what we should not miss and is common in all these beaches is the Sea Shells at the sea shore and sand. The Sea Shell is the most beautiful, ... Read More »

Zamzama Gun


Manufactured by Shah Wali Khan, .and immortalized by Rudyard Kipling by mentioning it in his novel, Zamzama gun of Lahore reminds us of the days when Ahmad Shah Durrani came to Lahore and ordered to make a grand and huge gun. The order was fulfilled and a Jizya (tax) was imposed in 1760 on the Sikhs and Hindus to collect money ... Read More »

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