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Gorakh Hill


GORAKH HILLS At a distance of 450 kilometers from Karachi in northward direction and 100 kilometers in the west of Dadu lies a beautiful place called Gorakh hills Station. It is situated at height of 5668 feet above the sea level and is a part of Kirthar mountain range.  This hill station covers an area of about 2400 acres, out ... Read More »

Thtta & Makli Hill Graveyard


Thatta is considered as one of the oldest city of Sindh. It is situated on the west of the Arabian Sea and Indus River, East of the Karachi city and spread over the area of 98 Kilometers. ‘Thatto‘ is the name of the Thatta city in Sindhi language. The chief crop grown here is Sugar cane, and because the area ... Read More »

Jahangir Kothari Parade


The beautiful and colorful architectures are considered as a pride of Karachi city. The furnished parade opens door to access the Clifton Sea known as Jahangir Kothari Parade. The location of the parade is exotic and its beauty is increased by fascinating views of sea.   Seth Jahangir Hormusji Kothari, the real owner of the site and a distinguished personality ... Read More »



In 2003, Air blue was established as a private airline and commenced its operation on 18th June 2004. Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated the airline. It introduced next-generation Air bus i.e. A320 and an Aircraft A321which offered journeys to many cities in Pakistan. It scheduled three flights daily from Karachi to Lahore and Karachi to Islamabad but after struggling for ... Read More »

Allama Iqbal International Airport

allama iqbal inernational airport

Allama Iqbal International Airport is located in capital of province Punjab, Lahore. It is the second largest civil airport of Pakistan. In 2003, the airport was renamed as Allama Iqbal international Airport, previously known as Lahore International Airport. It was renamed after the name of Pakistan’s national poet, philosopher and advocate Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. There are three terminals at ... Read More »

Mohenjo Daro

mohenjo daro

An archeological site in the Sindh province of Pakistan is known as Mohenjo Daro. It is one of the world’s earliest and largest urban settlements and also known as Indus Valley Civilization. It was built around 2600 BCE in the Larkana district of Sindh. Mohenjo Daro was rediscovered in 1922 as it was abandoned in the 19th century BCE. The ... Read More »

Cholistan Desert

cholistan desert

Cholistan Desert is located 30 kilometers from Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan. Locally this desert is known as Rohi. It is spread on the area of 26,300 km2. Cholistan is the word that is derived from a Turkish word Chol that means desert. The whole word Cholistan gives the meaning of land of desert. People living here have to move from one ... Read More »

Auto Rickshaw


In many countries of the world, auto rickshaw is very common source of transportation. In different regions it is known by different names as tuk tuk, rickshaw, three-wheeler, samosa, tempo, auto, bajaj, baby taxi, tri cycle etc. It is the modern and motorized form of pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw used in past. Rickshaw is a three-wheeled cabin cycle. Mostly ... Read More »

Clifton Karachi

clifton karachi beach

If we think of Karachi, first thing that comes in mind is seaside and when think of seaside the first name which appears is, Clifton Karachi. This seaside is the most famous and most visited seashore of Karachi among Sands pit, Cape Mount, Manora, Giddani beach which is Baluchistan actually but it is near to Karachi and people of Karachi ... Read More »

Fort Sangni

Fort Sangni

Fort Sangni, almost one hundred and Seventy years old fort, is located near Village Bewal of Rawalpindi District. It is surrounded by hills from three sides and was an ideal location according to the defense point of view. People say that Bewal looks like Mirpur of Azad Jammu and Kashmir due to its scenic view. Right before entering the village, ... Read More »

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