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How to make Kheer


Kheer can be called a rice pudding. It is a traditional sweet dish, equally popular and famous in all over the subcontinent. Because of being a sub-continental dish, it has different names in different languages. In Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi it is known as Kheer. It is called Ksheer in Sanskrit, Payasam in Tamil and Payesh in Bengali. In Persian, ... Read More »

Student Biryani


Karachi being the business and cultural hub of Pakistan gave birth to many delicacies and marvels we all enjoy and savor. Among them is Student Biryani; known to all of us (Pakistanis that is). Even though countless people enjoy the meals served at the Student Biryani outlets everyday there are just some who know where and how it all began. ... Read More »

Makki ki Rotti


The word Roti refers to a flatbread that gets cooked on a griddle made of iron. This kind of iron griddle is also called Tawa or Tava in Urdu language. If we specifically talk about Makki ki roti then it will be a roti made of cornmeal instead of the regular wheat flour. So the word Makki ki roti factually ... Read More »

Saag! The Taste of Pakistan


Pakistani meals are known as the mixture of many other meals that belong from subcontinent and famous all over the world. Why these are famous is due to their spicy and delicious taste and aromatic quality. There are a lot of Pakistani dishes that are eaten by the people of Pakistan almost every part of the country. Some cuisines are ... Read More »

Kashmir Cuisine


The food of Kashmir is known for its special taste and fragrance. It depicts the identity of Pandits of Hindus because the dishes of Kashmir were mostly introduced by Hindu pandits. The people of Kashmir are very fond of eating. They eat a lot and they are very hostile as well. The favorite food of Kashmir people are mutton, chicken ... Read More »



People of any particular area, however, in some cases can be branded by their habit of eating that, which type of the food items they like the most. They like vegetables, or a dish that contains mutton or beef, etc. One more thing a recipe can be an identification of the people of those areas, and if among those areas ... Read More »

Kashmiri Chai


Tea is something that is loved by almost everyone in this world. Generally, a tea-lover takes tea 4 to 5 times a day. Those who take tea everyday are actually addicted to tea and if someone really wishes to see these tea addicts in large number, he should visit the Sub-Continent in Asia, especially Pakistan. In the Sub-Continent, tea is ... Read More »

Kashmiri Qehwa


Qehwa is a drink that is drunk hot and it is a form of tea. It is a green tea and a part of tradition of sub-continent, that is, part of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir Valley. Qehwa originally originated from Kashmir Valley of Pakistan and India that is the reason it is usually called as Kashmiri Qehwa. Besides Kashmir it ... Read More »

Biryani- National Dish


Biryani is among the most traditional and conventional dishes served in Pakistan. The inclusion of Biryani in the menu adds festivity to any occasion. The traditional cuisine is a set of rice-based foods made with spices, rice, meat, fish, eggs or vegetables, but the dish has many local variants. The name of the dish Biryani is derived from the Persian ... Read More »



Haleem is one of the most popular dishes of Pakistan, India, Bangla desh, and Iran. But in Pakistan, it is adored. Haleem is liked in its different forms in the other regions of the world like Iraq. Its forms are Harissa and Keshkek which are made up of the same ingredients with a slight change of recipe. Pakistani cuisine is ... Read More »

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