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Tomb of Waris Shah

Tomb of Waris Shah

The great Sufi poet Waris Shah was born in 1722 in Sheikhupura, Punjab. He is known as one of the best Punjabi poets. His folk tale known as Heer-Ranjha got popularity not only in Pakistan but crossed the borders as well. He died in 1798 but his work made him immortal.

His tomb is in Jandiala Sher Khan and is visited by thousands of fans and devotees. The grave of Waris Shah was not paid proper attention so a proper mausoleum was built by the government of Punjab. In 1975, structure of the tomb was decided by the mausoleum committee and the mausoleum was completed in 1978 in Jandiala Sher Khan. Thus, the birth place of Waris Shah was made his final destination as well.

The tomb was designed and constructed by Abdul Rashid, a renowned architect who built it with red bricks and white plaster in the Mughal style. The tomb is 83/83 meters long while the shape of the mausoleum is octagonal with stairs and pillars. There is a large, square-shaped garden in the mausoleum and on the other side the mausoleum is made up of red brick walls. The walls of the corridors are in arch shape. The other side of the mausoleum consists of housing facilities and the entrance of the visitors. The mausoleum has a pool and a fountain and the garden and courtyard has pine and palm trees. The people visit this place and pray and on the death anniversary of Waris Shah,his fans or lovers conduct “dhamaal” (a folk dance) on the beat of Dhol (drum). Along with red bricks and white plaster, blue decorative tiles have also been used in the construction of the tomb. There is an open- air theatre as well in the building where speakers fitted in the walls facilitate the listeners who visit his tomb.The poetic songs of Waris Shah are heard and appreciated by the people and fans therein. On the death anniversary of Waris Shah “langer” is also distributed among the people and people also distribute the food when their wish or pray is fulfilled..


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