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Tomb of Shams Tabraiz

Tomb of Shams Tabraiz

There is no doubt to say that Pakistan is very rich and a country that full of many types of treasures. These treasures are available under the soil of the Pakistan in the shape of natural elements and also over the soil of the Pakistan.

Pakistan’s natural beauty, the historical buildings, Tombs, Mausoleums are also considered the cultural treasures of Pakistan, thus Pakistan known as a rich country that is full of Muslim architectural designed buildings and holy personalities.

The city of Multan situated in the Province of Punjab in Pakistan having the honor to become the permanent home of many Muslim saints. These holy personalities are buried here in their tombs or shrines and “Shah Shamas Tabraiz” is one of them. It is in the history and also believed by the local people of the Multan, that Shah Shamas Tabraiz had performed many miracles (Karaamaat). This is not a matter of wonder that the saints are near the Almighty more than the common human. His one famous miracle was to call the sun to approach down near him as he wanted to roast the piece of meat that he was holding in his hand. The local people said it happened and the piece of meat was roasted. Adding here some more detail about that miracle, the local people believed that the hot weather of Multan is the reason of that miracle.

The tone of the holy places is very peaceful and rewarding so as the same in the shrine of Shah Shams Tabraiz. There are a lot of people visiting this holy place, but one thing is common and that is the silence and respect of the saint. While visiting, we just listen “Nara-e-Haidari” and in reply “Ya Ali” by the visitors. The atmosphere of this place is magical and we have no control on ourselves. Simple we feel that the holy place captured us. This is just like that we become Mujzoob (A term that is used for the devotee of the Shah Shams Tabraiz). The local people believed that After Allah almighty, Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) and Hazrat Ali there is just one person is most respectful and that is Shah Shamas Tabraiz.

Historical and Architectural Aspects of the Shrine of Shah Shamas Tabraiz:

He arrived in Multan in 1165 AD and passed away in 1276 AD. The message is given by this holy saint is peace, humanity and respect with each other. He was buried near the passageway of the River Ravi, at that time there was no tomb was built. His tomb was built by his grandson after 54 years of his death and was reconstructed by one of his follower (Mureed) again. The tomb is about 360 inches in height and covered by a semi-circular green color dome. As the saint Shah Shamas tabraiz was simple his tomb too and decorated with glassy tiles.

The people all around the country gathered at the tomb of Shah Shamas Tabraiz every year on 14th to 16th of Rabussani, on the 1st week on June to celebrates his Urs.


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