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Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam (RA)

Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam (RA)

There is a lot that we can find in the city of Multan, a city that is ornamented by the nature with many historical and architectural beauty-holding buildings that we called or in some cases known as the shrines, mausoleums or tombs

, etc. So if these tombs and shrines have a huge spiritual value for us imagine about the worth of residents of that holy places that are buried there, whom we knew as the Oliya Allah (Saints). These personalities are unique and the true humans and respectable people for us.

Shah Rukne Alam (RA)

The real name of Shah Rukn e Alam (Ra) is Sheikh Rukn uddin abul Fath. He was the grandson of Hazrat Bahaudding Zakria (RA) and a great scholar and preacher of Islam. According to Islamic calendar the birth date of Shah Rukn e Alam is 9th of Ramazan, 649 Hijri, which is 26th November 1251 according to English calendar. He died in 7th of Jumade-ul-Awal in 735 Hijri, or on 3rd January 1335.

Structural Beauty of the Tomb

The beauty of Multan is the tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam (RA) and this will be your first sight due to its structural beauty, attractiveness and its titanic dome. The tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam(Ra) is situated near the fort of Multan. The structural beauty of the tomb is worthless. The tomb is a clear picture of earliest architectural style of Multan. The entire tomb was built with the red color bricks that have wood frame supporting. The external part of the tomb was decorated with glassy and colorful faience ceramic and colored stone pieces that are a clear picture of old mosaic artwork. The most prominent article of that tomb is the dome that was considered the world second largest dome. The grave of Shah Rukn e Alam is made with simple bricks. In fact, the tomb was built by Emperor Ghias-ud-din Tughlak as his tomb, but later gifted by the spouse of the Emperor to Shah Rukn e Alam (RA).

Holy Atmosphere at the Tomb

The visit of the shrine of Shah Rukn e Alam is a great experience of the human’s life. The birds and especially the pigeons are recognized as a symbol of peace in all over the world. You will be welcomed by the sweet voices of the pigeons that show the peaceful and relax environment of the tomb.

Mannat (Demand/ Request/Promise) is the common activity of the people while visiting the shrine of Shah Rukh e Alam. There are a lot of pieces of colorful threads you will find on the doors of the tomb that were tied up by the visitors as the memory of their Mannat. When they have been rewarded according to their desire they untied the threads.


Every year in the month of April the Uras of this Holy saint is celebrated with great respect. The countless pilgrims of Shah Rukn e Alam celebrate his Uras under versus of Holy Quran. The opening ceremony of the Urs is the ghusal-e-Mubarik (Grave wash) of the grave of Shah Rukn e Alam (RA) with rose water. After that flower-patterned wreaths put down on the grave of the saint. This is the sign of the opening of the urs.


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