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Tomb of Diwan Shurfa Khan

Tomb of Diwan Shurfa Khan

Pakistan is not only the country which is famous for its beautiful rivers, high peak mountains, attractive scenery & agriculture but it is also famous for the historical monuments. Major of the historical places, statues, art work, designs is located in Sindh, a province of Pakistan. A small area situated in Sindh is few miles from Thatta 8 Km in diameter is considered to be the burial place of 125,000 great Sufi saints. This place had become famous place for historical visit and was listed in the world heritage list.

Diwan Shurfa khan was a minister of Nawab Amir Khan who was a Mughal governor during the ruling period of Shah Jahan (1628-1658). Diwan Shurfa Khan died in the year 1638. After death, his tomb was constructed in the year 1639 and is considered to be one of the best tombs of all times in Makhli. This tomb building has a large square shaped structure according to the Islamic architecture with a brilliant art work. This tomb was designed in excellent manner which attracts different peoples from all over the world. This tomb has a dome with an amazing architecture both inside and outside the tomb. This dome was once to be covered with the blue tiles which enhance its beauty and the round big towers at each corner distinguished the buildings which were made in late 16th century. These towers were an excellent piece of work. The craftsmen designed this tomb building of Diwan Shurfa Khan were surely a skilled person. This beautiful tomb was made with red unpolished also known as unglazed bricks. This red bricks have a joint with dark blue filling, which makes the tomb more attractive. Every stone of the tomb building was decorated with a high quality of calligraphic carving.

This tomb is situated in the largest necropolises of Pakistan named Makli. This is a great historical place for the visitors and the tourist who are interested in the historical monuments, statue, ancient culture, art, architecture and tombs. Pakistan is proud with it strong historical background.


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