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Tomb of Madhu Lal

Tomb of Madhu Lal

Famous Sufi poet Hazrat Shah Hussain; born in 1538 is commonly known to be as Madhu Lal Hussain. His tomb is situated in Baghbanpura near Shalimar Garden, Lahore. On his shrine every year in spring people celebrate his festival and

usually a public holiday is also announced on that day. He died in 1599, he was buried at Shahdara but his tomb was destroyed by the flood and then he was buried in Lahore. The poetry of Madhu Lal Hussain was related to love and humanity and his verses are called “Kafis”.

Inside the shrine

After entering a shrine one should take off his/her shoes and then the prayer session is started. The smell of incense is being felt all around the shrine and there is a footprint of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. The shrine is made up of colorful tiles and marble tiles. People from other countries like Sikhs and dervishes also visit this shrine to pray. People throw money into the shrine so that they will become safe from bad deeds.

Structure of shrine

The shrine is in the corner of a small room and while sitting in that corner one should pray for himself. The tiles of the shrine are red and green in color. On the shrine some verses of Madhu Lal are also written. Some homeless people used to live in this shrine, they don’t have any house to live so they used to live there and those people are called “Mast Malang”.

Celebrations of URS

The lovers of Madhu Lal celebrate his URS in spring every year. Men and women do traditional dhamaal in that festival. The shrine is decorated with lights and oil lamps and some females sing the poetry of Madhu Lal in the shrine. People distribute biryani, zarda or other food when their wish or pray is being fulfilled. The people do dhamaal on the beat of the dhol and people compete with each other in this dhamaal. On the URS some fireworks are also arranged and candles are also illuminated on the walls of the shrine.


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