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Tomb of Jam Nizamuddin

Tomb of Jam Nizamuddin

Jam Nizamuddin Son of Jam Sadr Udn Bin Jam Umar was the most eminent and popular leader of Sama Dynasty. Jam Nizamuddin was born on 25th Rabiul Awal 1439 A.D in Thatta, ruled over Sindh and the other part of different provinces (1351 to 1551 CE). He was also called Jam Nanda. The power and the hold were reached at the top in the rule on Jam Nazimuddin (II) who is called a hero still today.

He was an industrious person and a fellow who like the group of learned peoples. He used to spend his time in college acquiring knowledge from different books. His appearance was good and was a happy and loyal person all the way. He was regular in prayers which witnessed that he was pious person. Mosques during his ruling period use to be filled completely. Jam Nizamuddin use to visit stable and talk to horses every week. He use to say that he does not want to ride on them only for fighting from other but to fight the people who are against Muslims and killed them brutally ( i.e. KAFIRS). He was considered as the true Muslim ruler which later becomes its reason of popularity.

His tomb is located in Makli near the city Thatta. This tomb is the great piece of art having a structure related to Gujarat style the one of 15th century. The tomb is square in shape but it was not constructed completely as the work was stopped. This tomb is great historical piece. On the outside of the tomb 12 bands of excellent architecture is flowing from top to bottom. These bands consist of many precious diamonds, Quranic Ayats and different beautiful patterns. Two things are very strange in the tomb building one is the Mihrab inside the building while the other one is the balcony. Due to the balcony, it is considered that this tomb was designed by architecture of Gujrat as it resembles the structures of Gujrat building. Balcony was carved in an extremely good manner while, the wall set its own example. The Urs of the great Jam Nazimuddin is in the month of Feburary.

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