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Tomb of Heer Online flash games roulette Go Wild Casino En Ligne Ipad

Tomb of Heer Online flash games roulette Go Wild Casino En Ligne Ipad

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Heer and Ranjha were among the most famous people of Punjab. Their love story is very famous among the people but it was a very tragic love story. The folktale on the story of Heer-Ranjha was presented by Waris Shah. Tomb of heer is situated in Jhang.

Heer and Ranjha both were buried in Jhang and their lovers visit the tomb. Heer’s real name was Izzat Bibi and she was a brave young girl of the village. Structure of the tomb On the front of the tomb there is a graveyard and beside the tomb there is a mosque.

When you enter the tomb there is a slab and on that slab a line is written “Darbar Ashiq-e Sadiq main Heer Wa Mian Ranjha”. One can enter the tomb by going upward and then people took off their shoes and enter in a room which is quite good and the tomb is made up of colored tiles. The colors of the tiles are blue, purple, red and green and on the top of the grave the tiles are painted in a circle shape and marble tiles are used in the construction of the tomb. The grave of heer is covered with purple cloth and on the back of the grave poetry is written on a big off white marble slab. Heer was born in a family of jutt and she lives in a village. Ranjha also used to live there and from that village the people used to visit their tomb and distribute different kinds of food and they illuminate the tomb with incense and they put red flowers on the graveyard. There is a turban of the groom on the side of the grave of heer. There is a separate corner in the small room where people burn incense and diya and make their wishes and pray. People from all around the world visit this tomb because her love story is written in more than hundred versions. The people visit her tomb to pray for her and for themselves and so that her soul rest in heaven.

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