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 In order to meet the funding necessities of the cooperative society, an Apex Bank came into being, later it was named as The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Ltd which was incorporated in 1924. It deals with almost every type of credit and banking business of societies. In 1955, the bank was ranked in the category of Scheduled Bank. The banks principles were based on egalitarian member control, participation of economic member, sovereignty, liberty, self-help and mutual collaboration.


To help the individual bank has structured it in a Professional Cooperative financial Institute. To deal with the socio-economic needs bank is voluntarily building up their resources by controlled enterprises. The bank has successfully achieved its goals by meeting all the hardships with marvelous planning and dealing with the financial requirements of the rural community. They had made possible to promote quality services in a conductive and encouraging environment.


The bank with its outstanding record has a vast network of many branches some are in Lahore, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Multan, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and DG.Khan. It has dual port folio of Cooperative Bank and Schedule Bank. It is also assembling to serve its financial services to both Societies and individual customers. The financial service which they are providing to the societies includes Agri Production Loan, Revolving Credit, Industrial Loan, Live Stock Revolving Credit, Women Society, Live Stock Project Finance and Mid Term Tractor Finance, while to the individual it offers Live Stock Goat, Sheep &Cattle, Live Stock Project Finance, Finance Against Gold, Mid Term Tractor Finance, Running Finance for Small Businesses, Crop Production Loan and Agriculture Running Finance.


The bank offers a vast variety of general banking products such as Current Account, Saving Deposit, Monthly saver account, Basic banking account, Kid’s education plan, Lockers, Apna Paisa Apna Munafa and Super Saver Plus. On 5th July 2012, Dr. AAmer Ahmed the Secretary cooperative and administrator of PPCBL inaugurated Online Banking of bank. The bank has also launched Western Union and Express Money in all of its branches. Deduction of Zakat is not practiced in the bank, the clients have unlimited free of cost deduction facilitay. The Saving Account of the bank addresses the basic banking needs and the profit is calculated on the monthly minimum balance. They have also introduced One year deposit scheme for rising students to enlighten their future and to face the up coming challenges.

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