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The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire: Pioneer

Zaheer ul Din Babur, the Mughal Pioneer was the descendant of Timurids who founded the Mughal Empire in 1526 after a decisive defeat to Ibrahim Lodhi, the ruler of Delhi. He ascended to the throne when he was only 14 years as he was gifted with talents and skills as a ruler and fighter respectively. The Empire which lasted for more than three centuries included 17 rulers out of whom only 6 proved to be capable in their 165 years’ tenure while 11 incapable rulers ruled for 150 years.

They saw their zenith in the late 17th and early 18th century when they dominated Kashmir in the North and the Kavery Basin in the South and Bengal in the East and Baluchistan in the West. Their Empire spread over 1.2 million square miles with the population of 110 to 150 millions. The rulers at the end of the Empire were completely unable to handle the vast, hard- earned Empire. They fell an easy prey to the palace intrigues and the foreign conspiracies on account of their indulgence in luxuries and the Empire went on slipping from their hands with every passing day. Their mutual disputes left them feeble to combat the foreign perils and the British stealthily broke into their walls.


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