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The Last Ten Days of Ramadan

The Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of blessing. Allah showers his countless blessing on his followers in this month. It is stated by our holy Prophet (PBUH) that, “If any Muslim comes out of Ramadan without gaining exoneration and kindness, he is a genuine loser” (Ibn Hibban and At-Tabarani). In the life of Muslim the last ten days of Ramadan are of very importance. It is said that these days are the most sanctified days in the month of Ramadan; this is the month when the Holy Quran was revealed. During these last ten days Muslims accept it as true that even though the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH.) was pledged Paradise, he used to put forth himself even more in worship.


Hazrat Aisha the wife of prophet stated that, “ when the last ten days of Ramadan starts, the Prophet use to tightens his waist belt and offer prayers all the night, and he awakes his family to offer prayers” (Bukhari). In these last ten days Muslims should fast properly and should not perform anything that may break it. It is the best time for charity and to resolve quarrels and forgive and forget mistakes of one another. It is a suitable time for soul searching, appraising one’s life, imploring, and requesting pardon

Abu Hurayrah accounted that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “When the last one third of the night remains, our God, the Magnificent, comes down towards the lower heaven and decrees that: ‘Is there anyone pleading to Me so that I grant his supplication? Is there anyone imploring of Me for anything so that I grant him his wish? Is there anyone who search’s for My exoneration so I exonerate him?'” (Bukhari and Muslim).


One should recite Quran more and do Ibadat more often in these last ten days. These days are also known for Itikaf which is a spiritual retreat. Our holy Prophet also perform Itikaf in these days in mosque, hardly sleeps during these nights. Itikaf necessitates an entire dedication to God. One should spend his/ her time in worshipping, offering extra Salah, reciting Quran, THikr and duas. The person performing Itikaf must sleep and eat in the mosque, leaving mosque without an appropriate reason is prohibited. If someone cannot perform Itikaf for ten days, can perform it in shorter time. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Any Muslim who stands in Prayer during Laylat Al-Qadr out of faith and sincerity, his earlier sins will be pardon.”


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