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The Imperial College of Business Studies

The Imperial College of Business Studies

In 1991, Pakistan Benevolence and Social Management Trust established an institute known as The Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore shortly known as ICBS. The University of Hall, UK supported the preliminary development of ICBS. In no time the institute established beyond doubt reputation for reliability and brilliance in higher education. In Business administration and related areas the institution offers extremely market applicable undergraduate and graduate programs.


In the field of industry ICBS is keenly concerned in research and offering diminutive training courses and the most important programs in this part includes courses for Small Business Finance Corporation, Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation and First Women Bank. The first priority of the college is providing quality education in Pakistan and this can be seen by exceptional job placement records of ICBS alumni as their graduates are working as the major employers in Pakistan, predominantly in the financial institutes. A lot of their graduates are also working in UK, US and even in the Middle East.

In Pakistan, this institute is listed among the thirteen private institutes that are selected by an independent assaesment by the Higher Commission Education (HEC) to provide scholarship to the students that are granted by Government of Japan (JICA). ICBS has been the only institute of Pakistan that is permitted by the Citibank. Limited students are selected for admission about 50% of the applicants this to provide quality education and to maintain their standard.

Financial aid is also provided to the students by the campus on merit basis. For civil servants and kin of armed forces a large number of scholarship programs are also introduced by the institute and in addition to that full scholarship programs are also established by the private donors. Academic is not only the focal point at ICBS with that they encourage their students with social responsibility and value of humanity.


ICBS has the exclusive division of commencing “Leadership and Community Development” a venture embark on by all its students where they are required to conceive, finance, manage and implement a task of some benefit to the community. The degrees of the college are recognized by the Higher Education Commission and even by the institutions in abroad. It has also been the first business school in Punjab, public or private to be licensed as having worth administration through ISO 9001:2000. Furthermore ICBS is also affiliated with International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education INQAAHE), Dublin.


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