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The Hon.Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi 1830-1895

The Hon.Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi 1830-1895

The Founder of Sindh Medarasah Tul Islam , Hon. Khan Bahadur Hssanally Effendi played an important role in enlightening Muslim’s education in Sindh. He had to struggle very hard to educate himself as there were neither english schools nor Law schools in Sindh. When he was young, education was abysmal among Muslims. The son of a religious and spiritual guide, he was born in Hyderabad Sindh. He lost his father at a very young age. Hassanally Effendi  was brought up by his elder brother as a young orphan. He got learning of  Persian at local seminary because this was one of the few ways to get educated for Muslims as they did not think good of English or modern education.

Hassan Ali Effandi

He learned English by getting encouraged by a Christian friend of him. He also learnt Sindhi while holding a humble post in the service of British Government at Naushahro. In 1860, he was promoted to the district court in Karachi where he learned Law. He distinguished himself as he was appointed as pleader, and later public prosecutor, a post held by only a few Indians.

He was involved in public affairs and was appointed as member of the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC). He also became Vice-President of the newly created political association, The Sindh Sabah. However, he resigned to start Sindh Mohammad Association of which he became President, and which acted as vocal and effective lobby for the Muslims of Sindh.  Hassanally Effendi spoke English, Persian, Turkish, French and Sindhi and is particularly remembered for his pioneering work in spreading English education among the Muslims of Sindh.

hassan Ali effande

In 1885, he setup Sindh Medarasah Board and worked tirelessly to set up a modern school, the Sindh Medarasah Tul Islam. He toured throughout the province to collect the funds, started this Medarassah in an old building near Kharadar. Then he asked Karachi Metropolitan Corporation to hand him over the empty land known as Qafila Sarae, as Qafla Sarae, that was built for the traders, who use to travel from Afghanistan to Subcontinent and used camels to carry their trade items. At this place, they used to stay as rooms were constructed for them. Along with that, there was a huge ground for them where they kept their camels, but due to commencing of railway service in Sindh, traders at that  time used railway to carry their goods and Qafila Sarae was empty So in response to his request Karachi Metropolitan Corporation leased Qafila sarae’s ground for Sindh Medarasah Tul Islam Building against 75 Rs. per month.

The School originally took one bright boy from each of 52 Towns of Sindh, but soon broadened its base and became a center of excellence, which provided many of Sindh’s most distinguished Public and Political figures including Father of The Nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Sindh Mohammaden Association provided base to the Muslims of Subcontinent to get educated, know their rights and fight for independence.

The people of Pakistan will always remember Hassanally Effendi for providing them Sindh Medarasah Tul Islam.

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