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The Historic Mir Chakar Khan Fort

The Historic Mir Chakar Khan Fort

Pakistan is very lucky to own many rich historical places which are situated in different areas of the country. These Historical spots include many forts related to numerous areas of this beautiful country.Mir Chakra’s Fort is just a wonderful addition to these precious historical places in the province of Baluchistan.

Mir Chakar’s fort is one of famous 15th century forts situated at outskirt in Sibi. You will find a very old traditional caravanserai (traditional accommodation for camel caravans), the Sohbat Serai, constructed by the tribal chief Sardar of that area Sohbat Khan here too. The Caravan sarai here is just the rare glimpse of old times when Camels were the only means of travel. It’s worth seeing for the historians.

Talking of Sibi ,the place where Mir Chakar fort is situated is Historical city is located 163 km from Quetta city. Sibbi was established by British Rulers in 1903. The city had various oldest and mysterious places like Peer Ghayeb, Mehergarh, Sibi Railway Junction and Mir Chakar Fort, which are known for best historical information, and a new place to be experienced by enthusiast tourists abroad and Pakistan. They all have their own beauty and historical importance in the history of Pakistan.

To know the History of Mir Chakar’s fort let’s first reveal who he was?

Mir Chakar Khan Rind who is also known as Meer Chakar Khan or Chakar-i-Azam (1468-1565) was a well known Sardar of Baloch tribe during 15th century. He is remembered as a hero of Baloch folk tribes. Moreover Mir Chakar is an important figure in the Baloch epic Hani and Sheh Mureed.The same historical city of Sibbi which was at that time known as sevi was the birth place of great worrier Mir Chakar Khan. Mir Shahak Khan was father of Mir Chakar Khan after the death of his father in 18th century he became head of Rind tribe. Mir Chakar was the worrier who defeated Lashari tribe after “Thirty Years War”. This was amazing that after that Mir Chakar having worrier nature went to lead a war against King Sher Shah Suri in Afghanistan but unfortunately he was defeated by the king. After the defeat Mir Chakar Khan settled in Punjab region in 1518 and left Baluchistan.

The great Balochi worrier and the head of Rind Tribe then died in 1565.His tomb was constructed in the area of Satghara which is situated in Okara district now by his people who accompanied him after leaving Baluchistan.

The Mir Chakar Fort was constructed in his time which is now one of the famous historical tourist destinations in Sibbi but due to lack of attention and proper preservation the fort now changed in to ruins. Mir Chakar Khan Fort is very wide that once it just encircled the whole Village but as time passes due to increase in population the wall was broken down. This rich historical fort owned a wooden big door which might remind us of the old was tactics but due to less attention by Governments it went off in revenges of time. The particular authorities should take notice for taking care of this historical treasure.


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