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The Enchanting Quetta Snow fall !

The Enchanting Quetta Snow fall !

Snow falls has been always a source of joy and enjoyment for people. It gives the sense of far off heaven, the whispers of some far away fairy land or the jingle bell beautiful Christmas. Snow falls are unique and one of the most awaited weather in world especially in Asian countries like Pakistan.

Pakistan is a naturally rich country since it experiences all tastes of weather in a year. Murree, khaghan, Mar gala hills, Northern areas and Quetta are famous for their heavy snowfall with best natural scenes. Today we will let you know about recent snow fall in Quetta. See how people enjoy snow fall here and what Quetta looks like in Snow fall.

Allah became very kind on Quetta this winters and started the beautiful days of snowfall on 22 January, 2012 which still persists till this article was written. The Snow fall after three years in Quetta was the source of joy and surprise for Quetta citizens. They were astonished and so happy that they even forget the low gas pressure here in Quetta city. The mohar dar and cheltan mountains looked like a fairy dressed completely in a White. It seemed so magical that who so ever saw it just could not escape its magical charm. Shebaz Park, Askari Park, Polo ground and the Plain area in foot of Mohar dar mountain series was crowded with people who came with their families to enjoy the most awaited Quetta Snow fall.The most interesting thing which attracted people were houses which were build on mountains. They looked so traditional and one of its own kind. The houses on the mountain were covered with snow. Here how can we forget those pals who were capturing this beautiful snowfall in Quetta? People with cameras took snaps of this attraction catching chilled snowing. Quetta People proved their “Zinda Dilli” by performing all “snow fall must to do’s”, different groups of friends and families made numerous snow men. These different snowmen were so cute but indeed alike. People here continued hitting each other with snow balls. These activities were so interesting and enjoyable citizens of Quetta ignored the the chilling winds which were trying to freeze them. The tall juniper trees, the rose plants waiting for its season were all covered under a white veil of snow.

Moreover mobile soup sellers and hotels arranged special menus during snow fall to entertain their customers. The coffee charisma was enjoyed at its peak.

Beside on the ground,Quetta citizens were not behind in updating their face book status accordingly. On the day of snow fall the whole world on face book was experiencing the snowfall in Quetta by reading thousands of status updates regarding the awaited blessing in Quetta. We asked from Quetta Zinda Dilans that how they are feeling on pleasing snowfall in Quetta. Let’s see what were their answers?

Sidra Jaffar (Lecturer)

it was my Birthday…. and Allah gave me the best Birthday gift.”

Anee Khan (Quetta Lover from Kabul, Afghanistan)

“I wish I could be there and enjoy this snowing with my friends. “

Ana Ali (Student)

It’s Damn Cold here”

Saba Khan (Student)

“Sardiii but it makes me so happy that I’ve seen snowing in Quetta after such a long time. Memorable days with family.”

Fujin Naz Haidery (Student Kinnaird College, Lahore)

“Wish I cud enjoy snow in Quetta after long.“

Afreen Ahmed (House Wife)

“I love snowing in Quetta, even with no gas.”

Farhan Haider (Student)

“Geo Quetta! Your snow fall made me fall in love.”

Shakila Kakar (Student)

“Yeah it’s snowing….Start to believe…It’s so memorable.”

Ali Haider (Student)

“I love biking in snow fall. It’s the ideal weather to enjoy and CHILL.”

So, here you go! Quetta should be your next winter vacation’s destination.We bet the snowfall show in Quetta won’t disappoint you.


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