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The Earl of Willingdon

The Earl of Willingdon

The Earl of Willingdon was born and educated in England at the University of Cambridge and Eton College. After that he plans to enter in political and diplomatic career and in 1900 he was appointed to the British House of Commons. He was an administrator and a British Liberal politician served as Viceroy and Governor-General of India and after that as Governor General of Canada. In his Governorship of madras and Bombay in India he faced consequences when nationalistic movements were started by Gandhi. He has to adopt much harsh measures against the Indian protesters. His predecessors adopted reconciliatory tactics but he was thinking differently now. In 1931when Gandhi and congressmen was arrested and jailed, so the civil disobedience movement was put to end. Now there was a threat to his life and was threatened by assassins. So he has to take help of Hastings Ismay, his military secretary.

earl of willingdon

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