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The Balochs

The Balochs

Balochs are the residents of Baluchistan. They are called Balochi. Balochi have their own history. This nation is brave and has a unique culture. Their clothing, their music, their customs and culture for each event from wedding to death have stand alone status in the bouquet of Nations in Baluchistan.

Balochi can be termed as fairly good looking people. They have thick hair, nice eye brows and their dark yet attractive complexion is their unique identification. Balochs as other nation consists of many tribes namely rind, mari, mengal, jamalis, magsi and bugtis.

They are the main tribes. You will amaze to know that each tribe varies from another in appearance though they are tied by same Balochi language and customs. Like you will notice that bugtis and mengals are quite fairer but rinds and maris are darker in their complexions. Baloch men wear their traditional dress which is consisting of balochi cap, sometimes a turban, and a short shirt with wide width layered shalwar.

These Balochi shalwar are well known as bugti shalwar. They extremely look good and unique that it’s being adopted by people of other nations too. The Balochi men prefer to have bread and couple of well shaped mustaches. The well shaped mustaches and bread indicates their respect and urge for true characteristics of manhood. Their rifle shows their tough and warrior natured life style.

Balochi wedding and their customs are one of the main attractions for people who wants to know them, like let us share one of their customs its said that a balochi woman if married have to pierce her ears from beginning till end, it means her ear have maximum 6 piercings. If we talk of Balochi women’s jewelry then we will know that they wear a gold necklace named tasni. It’s heavy and fastened with head with gold chains.

As far as balochi Woman dress is concern, it’s consisting of long embroidered sleeves with big pockets in front of them. You can know about them in detail in the article recently posted in current website.

Balochi music is one of the folk music of Baluchistan. The music instruments which is used to play Balochi music is Tanbur, dohol and ney. Balochi music is honored by whole Baluchistan.Internationally a pop band Golbang is playing its role in promoting it.

Balochi people live in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Oman and United Arab Emirates.


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