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The Balochi Wedding

The Balochi Wedding

The Balochs have their separate wedding rituals, which are enchanting and unique. The balochi wedding is really beautiful and full of colors belonging to life. Usually the balochi wedding continues for 7 days. Let’s see how it happens when Baloch pals celebrate their wedding.


Qilla is the first two days of wedding ceremony. In Qilla the bride is asked to sit in a room for 2 days. In these 2 days she is taking cared very much. Her nutrition and her looks are pampered. In Qilla the girl spends 2 days in peace then in evening the groom’s family get to her house and gives her mehndi. When her Qilla is over she is ready to go on with mehndi ceremony.


In other nations we see that mehndi ceremony lasts for one day but in balochi people it lasts for days. The first day the groom’s relatives and sisters comes to bride’s house to apply her mehndi, similarly the next day bride’s sisters and relatives visits the groom’s house for applying mehndi to boy. This event is really enjoyable and each member of the family enjoys it a lot.


Nikah is done at bride’s house. After Nikah the groom visits the bride. They are asked to set together and their heads are being stroked to each other lightly. This ritual is performed for 7 times. It seems really interesting and its the beauty of Balochi Wedding.

Rice cleaning

The relatives and friends of bride get together at bride’s home to clean rice for the wedding ceremony.It’s the best time to enjoy one another’s presence and to discuss the marriage plan for tomorrow.

Wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony is held on seventh day. The bride visits the houses of relatives of groom and finally she enters in to her new house with her soul mate. The next three four days, relatives and acquaintances of groom visits in morning to congratulate him over his marriage.


Valima is held the next day. It’s the typical gathering in which bride and groom both meets the relatives and friends. After attending their Valima now they are open to accept any dinner and lunch invitations from their family members. These dinner and lunch invitations continues for long time.

In all ceremonies of marriage, the traditional Balochi cuisine is served. Sometimes the typical Pakistani Bharat food is also served namely rice and mutton curry.


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