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Textile Industry

Textile Industry

Textile products are basic requirement of human after food. It plays a vital role in meeting man’s basic needs. Almost every country of the world has textile industry. Some countries are best exporters while others could not fulfill their needs from their own products. Such countries import textile products to meet their requirements. Pakistan is the country having large textile industry in different major cities and mini industries almost every corner of the country. In Asia, Pakistan is the 8th largest exporter of textile products.

Textile industry has different sub-sectors working throughout the country. These include Spinning, weaving, dying and finishing i.e. bleaching the garments. Another sector “Knitting” includes factories which work as an integrated unit. The main focus of these factories is; knitting, processing and making up facilities. The textile industry’s weaving sector is comprised of towels, bedding and hosiery. These clothing sectors, both woven and knits, are mainly clustering in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. In these cities sufficient ladies labor is working.

Pakistan is the world’s forth largest producer while 3rd largest consumer of cotton. Pakistan produces short-staple cotton, which is good for denim, flannels, fleece, knits, polo shirts and t-shirts.

The textile industrial sector in Pakistan has been playing an essential and major role in the national economy. It has been the main driver of the economy for the last 50 years in terms of foreign currency earnings and jobs creation. Its share in the economy, in terms of GDP, exports, employment, foreign exchange earnings, investment make it the single largest determinant of the growth in manufacturing sector. The contribution of the textile industry to the total GDP is 8.5%-9%. Textile share of overall manufacturing activity is 46%, export earning is 68%. It employs almost 40% of the industrial workforce.

The Pakistani Textile industry’s biggest competitors are China, India, Indonesia and Turkey. Due to the best export quality there is a great demand of Pakistani textile products all over the western countries. The Textile and Clothing Industry of Pakistan will continue to be an important source for future growth of the economy. In near future, there seems to be no alternative industry or service sector that has the potential to benefit the economy. As textile industry is benefiting the economy, the governments should find more opportunities in this industry.


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