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These days no one is able to earn his or her life easily because of the recession period through which every country of this world is going through including Pakistan which is already going through number of different disasters and one of the biggest problems being faced by Pakistanis is poverty due to poor economical conditions of the country. To improve the current situation TEVTA (Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority) has been formed in Pakistan and it was formed because of an ordinance passed by the Governor of Punjab in 1999. Now replacement of this ordinance has been done by Punjab by the name TEVTA ACT in 2010.

TEVTA was established in order to improve and manage vocational, commercial and technical education regarding industry, commerce and agriculture. TEVTA is a corporate independent body of Punjab’s government. The mission of TEVTA is to enhance Pakistan’s current economical conditions especially in the province of Punjab and according to TEVTA this mission can only be accomplished by creating an awareness of current situation of the country and by providing education so that education can be used for the betterment of the country. It is providing a productive and quality workforce through creating demand driven, dynamic, integrated and standardized technical education including service of vocational training. In Punjab it wants global competitiveness to get better.

TEVTA has certain objectives and it works extremely hard to fulfill these objectives so the current situation of the country can get better. It strongly believes that education can play a major role in improving the economical conditions because then only the work can be of better quality as there would be better awareness of the work. It is working in order to re-engineer the current technical education including system of vocational training under one managing body. TEVTA wants to create such a standard that should be recognized by the world including internationally known examination, certification system and curriculum. All these educations systems can only get better if the teaching staff is good so it is also working towards betterment of teaching staff.

TEVTA is providing number of different degrees in different disciplines like degree of B.Tech, honors of B.Tech, diplomas of technical education, Masters Degree related to education of commerce, vocational diploma and many others. But the most important motto behind all this hard work to improve the technical education is to bring the work to a quality that is acceptable in the global market because then only the country can come out of the current financial crises.


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