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Tennis is a very interesting game and it is played all around the world. Tennis is a game played by two players or doubles like two players in each team. In tennis racket is required and a green colored tennis ball. At the centre of the court there is a net. One player hit the ball with the racket and the player standing on the other side of the net have to save the ball by hitting it with the racket again to the other player and gain the points otherwise the points will be given to the other player.


This game was invented by Europeans. In the early days it was played with the hands. Then the hand was replaced by gloves, gloves were replaced by rackets. This game was played in the ceremonies. The game became famous in France very soon. After the popularity of the game the tournaments were arranged and the players from all around the world participate in those tournaments. Some Tournaments are played between two players and some are played between two team’s means double players in one team.


There are many famous tennis players all around the world like Roger federer, Pete Sampras, Sania Mirza, Aisam ul Haq, Maria Sharapova etc. Pete Sampras was very famous tennis player and he was from London. He has won many tournaments. Roger federer was from Switzerland. And Sania Mirza is a famous player of India.

Aisam ul Haq

Aisam ul Haq is a very well known and youngest player of Pakistan. He was born on 17th of March 1980. He worked very hard to come at this stage and made each and everyone proud of him. He started his career in 1998. He is a best tennis player of Pakistan. He qualified in the finals of the grand slam in doubles game. He is the only tennis player of Pakistan. When he came back in Pakistan after playing grand slam doubles, Pakistani gave him a warm welcome. He became the ambassador of the United Nations Development Program. He is engaged now and he will get married in December 2011.


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