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Tempting Chutneys

Tempting Chutneys

Chutney is basically a family of condiments from the cuisine of South Asia. From Sanskrit word catni the word chutney came into being that means to lick. In previous times chutney was more used as dipping sauce rather than condiment. Chutney is a mixture of vegetables or fruits and spices. Nowadays chutney comes in diverse variety and all the varieties of chutney are admired by all and sundry. It can be made in two forms either dry or either wet.  To preserve these chutneys naturally citrus, lemon, vinegar and tamarind are added to it.


Tempting Chutneys are traditionally made by grounding them with a mortar or pestle which is made of stone. Then in particular order spices are added and grounded into it. In alternate to these stone grinding electric blenders and food processors are used as labor-saving. Countless chutneys are made with the combination of any vegetable, fruits, herbs and spices. It is usually categorized into two forms sweet or hot forms, in both the forms spices are added but both tastes totally different.


In Pakistan and India the types of chutneys and their preparation method vary widely. There are number of chutneys including Coriander Chutney, Mint Chutney, Tamarind chutney or Imli Chutney, chutney of sooth that is made of dates and ginger, Chutney of Coconut, Chutney of Onion, chutney of prune, Chutney of tomato, chutney of Red chili, Chutney of Green Chili, Chutney of Mango, Chutney of Lime, Chutney of Garlic, Chutney of yougurt, Chutney of Green tomato, Chutney of Cilantro and mint leaves, Chutney of Peanut, Chutney of Ginger, Chutney of tomato onion, Chutney of cilantro, mint and coconut and Blatjang chutney, it is from South Asian cuisine which is sweet chutney made from apricots.


In United States and United Kingdom sweet and spicy chutney is made which is popularly known as Major Grey’s Chutney. In chutney the spices that are commonly used are coriander, cumin, fenugreek and asafetida. In the beginning of 17th century, in European countries like France and England chutneys were shipped as luxury goods. In 19th century, For Western taste chutneys like Major Grey’s or Bengal group were created and were shipped to Europe. Usually chutneys of fruit, vinegar and sugar are cooked and are reduced to form a thick mixture. Chutney is a side dish or used as complementary with any dish, mostly they are paired with rice.


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