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Ramadan is a month of blessings and brings countless blessings to its folllowers; Muslims during this prestigious month perform good deeds to be showered with the blessings of their God. During Ramadan several Ibadat are performed among these every night congregational prayer is performed after the prayer of Isha which is known as Taraweeh. This prayer is lead by a Molvi or by someone who has memorized the whole Quran; he recites the Quran in small sections, in appropriate series, every night and accomplishes the recitation of entire Quran prior to the end of the month of Ramadan.

All Muslims who performs Taraweeh regularly gets a chance of listening the entire Quran in a month. If the molvi is not present at the moment somebody from the prayers who has memorized the verses of Quran conduct the Taraweeh. Taraweeh are the extra congregational prayers, contrary to some popular beliefs, Taraweeh are not obligatory and is a Sunnah. Although it is still performed by more than a few Muslims in the mosque.


Many Sunni Scholars consider Taraweeh as Sunnat-al-Mu’akkadah, a salat that was Islamic Prophet Muhammad performed very constantly. The blessing for this prayer is unconditional. Way of performing Taraweeh is that it is performed in pair of two or can be performed in at least 20 rakaat, according to two disciplines and they are Hanafis and Shafi’I according to Sunni Islam.  According to some other beliefs it can also be offered in 8, 12 or 20 rakaats. After every four rakaats a break is taken, Malik Ibn Anas added 4 rakaats in every break.

Taraweeh is offered only in the month of Ramadan of the Islamic calendar after the prayer of Isha. Muslims consider that it is customary to attempt a khatm that is “complete recitation” of the Quran as one of the spiritual observances of Ramadan by performing at least one juz per night in Taraweeh. The prayers of Taraweeh are measured optional, not compulsory. Taraweeh can also be offered at home if one cannot go to mosque. Our prophet Muhammad offered Taraweeh in congregation for three following nights but put an end to this practice in a fear that it would be made obligatory rather than Sunnah. We should try to avoid sins and should perform noble deeds in this beautiful month of Ramadan.



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