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Taj Mahal: Out of Love or Architecture?

Taj Mahal: Out of Love or Architecture?

Taj Mahal: Out of Love or Architecture?

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is visited by the visitors from all over the world round the year. The stunning beauty and fabulous grandeur of Taj Mahal leaves human eyes enthralled.

A symbol of profound intimacy and story of King Shah Jahan, who adored his wife and eternalized her after she passed away in child birth, Taj has been quoted by the poets and the men of literature as the metaphor of extreme love. Captivating view of the Mahal, its immense and unparalleled architecture, and the romantic tale associated with it turn it to an eternal wonder. A dream of a poet, personification of a dream! Romance beyond words! A story worth- seeing instead of telling! Where Jamuna River borrows its shadows in morns and eves! Where beams of the rising and setting sun add more wonder to it! Where it suspends over the shoulders of foggy morns! Hail to the hands, heart, and mind which functioned on and behind the construction of an epitome of love!

Hustle of 20,000 workers for 22 years and a heavy amount of 32 crore rupees shaped Taj Mahal into what it is today. Commemorating a beloved wife who died in a child birth, who is considered to be a martyr, the Mahal was built in Islamic architecture. Huge white marbles were fetched from Makrana and were cut into fine pieces. Bricks used in the construction were made near Taj Mahal. It stands on a square platform with four pruned corners which form an octagon. The diameter of the central dome is fifty-eight feet rising up 213 feet edged by domed halls. Each of the four sublime minarets is 162.5 feet. The stones and gems were fitted into walls and Abd-ul-Haq, a Persian (who was titled as Amanat Khan) was hired for Islamic calligraphy on the walls. Design, style and material used entitled Taj Mahal as UNESCO heritage.

Apart from the legend of romance and toil of the laborers and architects, there are some myths associated with the construction of Taj Mahal and the King. These myths whisper the tyranny of the Emperor along with his love for his wife. The enchanting beauty of Mahal raises some questions in the minds of the readers and visitors. These myths and questions are as under:

Muntaz Mahal was the fourth wife of Shah Jahan out of his seven wives. What about other wives if he completely tilted towards only Mumtaz? Shah Jahan killed Mumtaz’s husband to marry her. Was it fair? Mumtaz died in her delivery of the fourteenth child. Where were his off springs from other wives? After Mumtaz’s death, Shah Jahan married her sister. Where was the love?

Shah Jahan is reported to have the fingers of the architects of Taj Mahal cut fearing least they should build any other building on the same lines. According to some, he rendered them blind. Do the windows of history dare to speak off?

Muqamat Khan and Mir Abdul Karim were appointed as the supervisors of the construction but the name of one mastermind is missing from the pen of the chroniclers. Why? Both of them were supervisors, not architects but who was under them? Ustad Ahmad Lahore is said to be one of those architects but again history is shy to tell the names of others. Venetian Geronimo Vereneo, a European is also named as the master architect but how could he build a building in Islamic style?

The myth say that Mahal is tilting towards the river Jamuna and it started cracking four years after it completed. Another says that the diamonds, a pearl blanket, and a gold leaf covering the dome of the Mahal were stolen by someone.


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