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Pakistan is a country with dense culture and colorful traditions. Pakistan posses various things which have gained international recognition and are used as identity of Pakistan. Sufi Music is the one which is highly appreciated in this country and everyone loves to take part in it due to its religious importance. Instruments like harmonium, tamboora and Nay are the soul of this music.

Tabla is another popular instrument used in the Sufi music of Pakistan. The origin of this instrument dates back to 13th century when Amir Khusro invented it. The word Tabla is derived from Arabic word “Tabl” which means “Drum”. Now, Tabla is the most significant instrument used in Qawwali music. The whole set of Qawwals use different instruments including Tabla to make their Qawwali perfect. Tabla reflects light music and its rhythmic accompaniment in folk tales gives the best touch. Two drums somewhat like Dhol are used to complete this instrument but one of the two drums is small and the other one is large in size. Remains found from Moenjo Daro explain the history of this traditional instrument. The beat of Tabla at every kind of tempo is best suited for classical dance. Various classical workshops are held in Pakistan where Tabla players take full part.

Our Tabla players are also known worldwide because of their talent and skills. ‘Ustad Tafo Khan’ is known to be the best Tabla Nawaz of Pakistan. Another great name in the history of Tabla players is of ‘Ustad Bashir Khan’. The Prince of Tabla ‘Ustad Abdul Sattar “Tari” Khan’ also earned a great name in this field. Other popular Tabla players of Pakistan include, Arshad Ali, Ghulam Abbas Khan, Ejaz Hussain “Ballu” Khan, Mohammed Ajmal Khan and Sajjad Ali. Music of Pakistan is worth listening and when such types of instruments are offered then the joy of Sufi Classical music becomes breath taking. Tabla has attained the right place in Pakistani music society and Tabla players are still appreciated in this country. Now, musicians try to fuse Sufi Music with Pakistani pop but the proper identity of these types of instruments lives only in beautiful Sufi music.

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