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Syed Ali Hamadani

Syed Ali Hamadani

Syed Ali Hamadani was born on 12 Rajab-Ul-Murjab 714 Hijri in Hamadan a city of Iran. His father was Syed Shahab Uddin whose link can be traced back to Imam Zain Ul Abedein (a.s) and finally to Hazrat Ali (a.s). Name of his mother was Syeda Fatima who reached to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) through seventeen links. Syed Ali Hamadani belonged to an educated family and he read the Quran under the supervision of his maternal uncle, Hazrat Ala-Uddin. He was very intelligent and quick learner as he memorized Holy Quran at the age of seven.

His real name was Ali but so many other titles were given to him due to his pious character, teachings, preaching and writing. Some of his titles are Shah E Hamadan, Ameer Kabeer, and Mir. These titles were given to him because he was from the governing family of Hamadan city. He was titled as Ali e San’ni that means second Ali (a.s) and this title was given to him because of high resemblance between his character and character of Hazrat Ali (a.s).

Like other saints, he travelled a lot. It is said that he travelled the world three times. Tellers say that at time whenever it was said that someone travelled throughout the world they meant Islamic countries, Roman Empire, India and China. He climbed Adam’s peak twice that is situated in Sri Lanka. Although he withdrew from governance, Ameer Taimoor always kept envy in his heart against him and planned against him. Once Ameer Taimoor said to Ali Hamadai that it was reported to him that he was struggling to grab power. Syed Ali Hamadani replied Allah has charged me with the responsibility of going Kashmir to preach Islam.

Finally, he left Hamadan for Kashmir. He visited Ladakh, Baltistan and northern areas. Because of his preaching, teaching, pious and loving character, many people of these areas converted to Islam. He was a very good writer and he wrote more than 150 books. Most of them are antiques and are found in the different libraries of the world. More than 20 of his books are translated into other languages. Some of his books are Zakhira Tul Malook, Chehal Muqam E Sufiya, Ourad E Fathia, and Al Mowadda fil Qurba, etc.

He died at the age of seventy-two while travelling to Turkmenistan from Kashmir at the place of Pakhli. The date was 16 Zil Haj 786 Hijri (19 January 1385). Before his death, he recited Bismilla for 1000 times that he used to recite every day. He died right after completing the recitation of Bismillah. It is interesting to mention that numerical value of Bimillah is 786 same as the year of his death. The ruler of Pakhli wished to bury him in Pakhli. His disciples from Kashmir wished to take his body to Kashmir. While his disciples from Khatlan wanted to take his body to Khatlan. One of his disciples Quwam Uddin Badakhsi said the one who could lift his body could take him with them. All groups tried to lift but could not. Finally, his disciples from Khatlan lift his body and took his body to Khatlan. After travelling for five and half months in the month of June, they reached Khatlan. During this time not only his body did not perished but also a pleasant fragrance was arising from his body. He was buried at Koolab, Tajikistan. All the Hamadani Syeds in India and Pakistan are his decedents.

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