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Swati Peeray

Swati Peeray

The swati peeray

Wood carving has been practiced in swat since early Buddhist period. The local craft of upper swat retains evidence of the ancient skill that is wood carving. The swati peeray (low chair) is famous by its unique design exist since time immemorial. Swat valley has culminated in an ornate style in wood carving today known as swat wood works. This antique chair is hand carved by native artisans in swat valley and features intricate carvings on all sides of the furniture especially peeray the low chair usually used in ancient time in the lounge now a days the carving art of wood furniture is also in fashion and people like to decorate their drawing rooms or lounge with this antique designed low chair called

swati peeray

peeray of swat

Swati peeray (low chair) and feel proud of their choices.

The antique collectors like to have the masterpieces of ancient time design the hand carving with bold ornamentation with a deep brown color .Wood carvers’ delicate strokes represent the area’s traditional culture and heritage. Their intricate floral design describes the area’s history and the civilization of a particular area.

Swat furniture usually made from oak deodar. The artifacts antiques and similar articles tell the tale of the once glorious era, ancient lifestyle. In the past, skilled craftsmen had a lot of time on their hands to make intricate carvings and beautiful designs on all of their work. These works of art consist of furniture pieces such as beds chairs etc.

These great pieces of art are rarely made these days as time is precious and quantity is now more important than quality with the vast growth in population. If you are looking for more traditional furniture for your home, Swati peeray an antique piece of art for antique lovers. It can be found in the loc versa exhibition or small towns of swat are the perfect place to find out an antique piece of work for your collection taste.


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